Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The Return

I feel just awful, this blog has been abandoned for almost a year!

I'm still here and everything is ok - life has just got in the way of blogging. That being said I plan on doing video blog and I will be uploading my first video this evening. I will link to that here when it goes live.

So what's new?

Well I did this. I made socks! I used this site. I will talk more on the video about what got me finally doing socks, but needless to say I am in love with it. This first pair was made with some inexpensive Loops and Thread - Luxury Sock yarn that I had on hand in color 'Ocean'. It was nice but then yesterday I cast on with Malabrigo sock, wow it's a night and day difference.

There is such a different in good quality yarn. I had this Malabrigo currently being knit up in a UFO that had been abandoned too long so I frogged it and got it ready for the second pair of socks. Now that I'm not at all that intimidated I started this pair last night it's Vanilla Latte Socks on Ravelry. So this is actually a sneak peek because I hadn't started them before I did my first video, but I will talk about them on my second episode.

I ordered a set of Sunstruck dpns from Knit Picks and I started the sock when I realized the yarn was getting caught, when I tried to slip it off the needle the rough part that was sticking out jabbed my thumb like a splinter. I'm waiting to hear back from them so far I only received their 'we got your email' reply. I hope they get back to me soon.

I look forward to this new way to keep in touch and I will post show notes here on the blog from each episode :D!


Vanilla Latte Socks

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Dear Grandpa

An open letter to a Grandpa I encountered today. My DH and I are on holidays and we went out to lunch to this cute little Vintage Tea Room, they specialize in British cuisine. We didn't realize how busy it was as we've not been before. The only table left was the one for 6. They happily seated us and we began to order some nice Earl Grey tea, which is served in tea pots with teacups very fancy. Ordered our lunch Steak and Kidney Pie for DH and Steak and Mushroom pie for me. Shortly after an older man arrived with his Grandson. I knew all the other tables were reserved and my initial thought was they could sit with us. The owner sat them on two cozy chairs by the fireplace, not generally a lunch spot but they made it work for them. Eventually we were asked to share our table with two other ladies, which we happily said yes to.

I wished I had suggested they sit with us. While I enjoyed my lunch I couldn't help but notice that through the whole meal the grandpa was on his cell phone, not talking but looking at it constantly. There was not pleasant chit chat. In fact the most chit chat the young boy got was from the waitress who was extremely friendly. Aside from that he was sitting quietly eating his sandwich and drinking his iced tea.

I know a lot of young people get a lot of flack for being on their phones 24/7 but this man was well into his 70's and he couldn't leave it alone, not even to enjoy some nice quality time with his grandson.

Dear Grandpa,

I saw you today, out for lunch with your grandson. I immediately thought what a lovely thing to do with him on his summer holidays. That quickly passed when I realized that you were on your phone the entire time. You were doing something on it(not talking) but whatever it was had your entire attention and you couldn't bare to put it down.

Today your young grandson is 6 years old, he thinks the world of you. When he knows he gets to spend a day with you he is over the moon. He is probably pacing and watching at the window to see your car pull up in his driveway.

The years pass quickly, before long he will be a moody teenager, if you are even here to see that. He might give you the time of day and he might not. He might be on his cell phone or listening to his teenager music.

Today you have the opportunity to have that one on one quality time, life is too short, too precious to pass it by. When you are with your family - put that dang phone in your pocket and leave it there. I plead to you, live your life. When you look back on it, you aren't going to say I wish I was on Facebook more, I wish I had checked my email more often or I wish I had got a better Bejweled score, what you will wish for are these moments that you have and you are throwing them away.

So put that phone back in your pocket, and live your life!

I wish I could have told him that - I wished he knew what he was passing up - I hope he realizes it.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Chicago Style Baby

This past September my brother got married on a cruise and a reception was held in October. Me and my DH flew out for the occasion and had a great visit. It's very hard to live so far away from family that you wish you could see so much more often.

We had a few different outings and made the brief trip even more enjoyable. We spent a nice evening with my Dad and his wife. My sis put on a pot of delicious chilli and we all just relaxed. My DH and Dad strumming on the guitar is something I will always cherish from this trip.

My Dad had a secret stash of Chicago style popcorn. I didn't realize how protective he was of it but I sure learned. This stuff is delicious, the combination of sweet/salty is just perfect and normally I don't go for that at all. His was bought from Costco and since I refuse to pay to belong to a shopping store we've not had it since. On Tuesday I had to go out for a doctor visit and afterwards fill a prescription and our local pharmacy has purchased a grocery store chain and they now sell their products in the store. Look what I found, Chicago Mix popcorn, you bet your boots I bought a bag and I think that was showing some good restraint. This is dangerously good and I know why mad Dad kept telling us to leave his!