Tuesday, May 19, 2015

24th Annual RHS Dog Jog - Raising money for animals

Our family is doing the dog jog as we strongly believe in the work the RHS does with abandoned animals.

Nine years ago we bought our dog Oliver(beagle) from a pet store. This was before we knew about 'puppy mills' and how dogs are treated by some breeders. Oliver has huge anxiety issues and I know if the wrong family would have bought him from that pet store he'd have been a shelter dog waiting for someone to put the time and energy into him. Thankfully he ended up with us and we know he's special and we love him just the same.

Four years ago we wanted another dog and we decided it had to be a rescue dog. Our first visit to RHS we met our Piper a border collie lab mix. She was three months old and was there with a brother and a sister. As soon as we met her we knew she had to join our family. We've never looked back, she is the most gentle dog you'll ever meet. She grew quite big, bigger than we thought she's a tall girl and weighs anywhere from 60-70 lbs. She's full of love!

Without a place like RHS I dread to think of what would have happened to her and her siblings!

Click below to help save pets lives! Anything you can give would be of great help!


Sunday, August 24, 2014

Year of the Blankets

Gone Fishing?
Well it seems this is becoming the 'year of the blanket' for me. I've never knit so many blankets ever!

My 25 year old son had casually mentioned he'd like a blanket made for him after he saw the one I made for our bedroom, how can I resist that.

So after I finished my last one for my nephew I tried to come up with one that would suit him. I couldn't find the right yarn. I really wanted a blues theme that would be masculine enough and  I also wanted a quick knit as I also have another blanket planned with a Christmas deadline.  After searching all the bulky yarn and the colour selections I decided to knit worsted weight held double stranded to get the same effect. So based on colour selection only I went with Red Heart Super Saver. My DH suggested that it looks good when some of the yarn is variegated and I quite agree. I couldn't really find a pattern I liked so I started creating in my mind how it what I wanted it to  look like,  I not only wanted different colours but also textures. I CO 222 stitches to give me a 4 stitch edge border on each side and I started with 12 rows of the blue variegated and I am alternating the colours of white/medium blue/variegated/grey up the blanket and I love how it looks. I am constantly measuring to see how big each colour section needs to be to get the desired size.

It's a really rainy weekend here perfect for knitting on a blanket :)

Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Image borrowed from the Bernat website
I've always loved the look of Intarsia knitting but I've always been too scared to give it a go. I found this cute little Owl dishcloth pattern and I'm thinking it may be a good place to give it a try. It's a smaller project and only has three colours for the picture.

Have you done Intarsia, if so how did you find it?