Saturday, July 12, 2014


Well I've tried knitting socks with different methods other than dpn's. I recently tried the two circular method, I spent a lot of money on great needles and yarn and although I grasped the idea of it I kept getting laddering. I've read some reviews on the yarn and some say it doesn't have enough give and can cause laddering. I'm not sure if it's the yarn or the technique. For now it's sitting there unfinished mocking me ;)

The other day I was browsing some patterns and I found this pattern I had saved awhile back but I put if off because it required dpn's. I am thinking enough is enough! I cast on that nightafter supper. I  didn't just jump into plain knitting, but this had cables, after all I don't want to be stuck knitting stockinette socks all my life. My reasoning also that if I could knit cables with dpn's I shouldn't be intimidated any longer when patterns call for them. Time to grow up and wear my big girl panties.

Well it was so much fun and not hard at all, in just a short time I had an awesome wine sleeve, which I just adore. These will be very handy as my DH makes wine as a hobby and often we gift it and what a better way to wrap it up. I've already cast on for my second one. These are great stash busters to use up the leftovers from other projects. This first one was some Briggs and Little I had on hand from a project that never finished and the new one is being worked on with Knit Picks in Holly Berry. It seems like it takes just over 100 yds to make one.

I've also got another project to try after this that also uses dpn's and I'm actually looking forward to learning this new project. If all goes well I'll soon be using tiny needles and sock yarn and doing things the way my Granny would have years ago when she knit socks for my Grandpa.

Cabled Wine Sleeve - Wine anyone?

Thursday, April 03, 2014

Happy Yarn Day

The Brava Bulky I ordered from Knit Picks arrived yesterday. I tried to find yarn locally but I couldn't get the colours I wanted. I needed a bright green, red, yellow and blue and they had exactly what I needed.

This yarn in Peapod, Red, Canary, Celestial, and Black is going to be knit into the Basic Stripes afghan.

My nephew loves these colours and this will be his Christmas present. I was going to do up another Hudson Bay blanket but instead of single chevron use the traditional garter stitch but I found this pattern and with the bulky yarn I know it will knit up super fast and I have at least one other I'd like to do with this pattern in a different colour combo for another gift so I thought this would work great and give me plenty of time to get other gifts done. I wonder if I'm the only one working on Christmas projects in April? ;)

Besides a little boy will maybe not be as gentle on a blanket so this should be nice and durable and for sure cozy. This will hopefully be on the needles soon. I've got a few WIP's that need to be finished before I start another large project.

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

I'm knitting a Sock...

Here I am knitting on the tiniest needles that I've ever used! These are 2mm needles on a 9" cord. The first row was tricky but after that it wasn't too bad. I didn't think I could knit on such a small diameter but it's actually not that bad. I picked up this Loops and Thread Luxury Sock Yarn form Michaels in the colour 'Ocean'. It is very nice yarn but I'm concerned that they are discontinuing it as it was labelled as 'clearance' which is never a good sign. It is very soft with a merino, nylon and cashmere blend.

So I knit, I've finished the cuff now and I'm on to the body of the sock before I have to figure out how to do the toe, which looks relatively easy but I will have to use dpn's at some point I'd imagine. I wasn't sure I'd like knitting on such a tiny project but it's very calming and it makes you slow down and relax(which is awesome). I'm not running a race here I just want to end up with a pair of socks :D

This seemed like a great place for me to start as there is no heel - Tube Socks