Friday, February 24, 2006

Giving up the computer for Lent????

I recently read a blog at nosimsforlent and it got my husband and I into this discussion about what we planned on giving up for Lent this year. I was thinking of chocolate but I know that's not going to work at all. Sure I could probably give it up, but who would be able to live with me and besides I had given up Pepsi before and treats so it wasn't a huge stretch for me.

But this idea of not playing on the computer, what on earth would I do with my time?....the fact that I even had that question in my mind means that I've become way...way too attached to this and isn't that a little bit of what we're asked to do during Lent. To give up some of those things that we think we can't live without. The things that are preventing us from being closer to Jesus, spending time with the family, friends etc. That's when it really hit me....I HAVE to do this. I think there must be more to life than sitting in front of the computer like a zombie.

I am a Sim Addict as well as my husband and I are 'die hard' NeverWinter Nights players so this will definitely be very interesting. It will be intersting to see what else we do with all the extra time. We were talking at lunch and I said to him 'what did we ever do before the computers?' It just seems like that's all we do for game playing in our house. The kids have their games that they play on our PC's and when they're not doing that they've got themselves plopped in front of the game cube zoning out!!! I mean honsetly is their life w/o the computer? So now we have to go back to the way things were. Card games, backgammon, reading....going outside...omy!

I can just see us on Easter Sunday evening all stuck in front of the comuter zoned right out having the time of our lives. Just like the year I gave up my pepsi, when I had that first glass it was the best tasting pepsi I ever had!!!!!

I think we'll definitely find that we spend more time as a family. I think that is a huge priority that I am lacking in. Don't get me wrong we do things as a family but when I get home from work and I'm all stressed out from a crazy day of dealing with people that all I want to do is just zone right out and for me the best thing to do is turn on the computer and take myself away.....

So now the plan will be to cram in as much computer time as possible before Ash!

Good luck to everyone who is doing some type of Lenten observance. It will be a great way to put the stumbling blocks to our faith aside for the time being...and learn how to create more time all year round for God, family and friends.

Peace and God Bless!

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