Monday, March 06, 2006

First week of Lent

I have to say I've done pretty good so far. It didn't get too tough for me until the weekend. That was when it really dawned on me, I can't go on the computer. See the rule I created is a bit tougher than just game playing. I can go online to check email in the a.m. and once again in the p.m. and other than that I can do any banking and info searching(recipes....ect.) but other than that there is no computer at home. I do my blogging at work during my breaks. This is really TOUGH!

I have a teenage daughter at home that is extremely moody and confrontational. Usually when she gets me in a funk(which seems like everyday lately), I go on the computer and veg out. Now that I've lost my escapism I feel totally lost with myself.

I've been renting movies like crazy and reading the last HP book all the time!

I mean these things are both great but there is something so relaxing about playing the Sims or joining my hubby in a good NWN game.

I think though that if it wasn't somewhat of a struggle it wouldn't have been worth giving up. I know it's supposed to be hard, that's why it's something we need to give up for a bit.

I haven't gone to the sims website lately but I'm thinking of popping in today. I'm really curious about the expansion 'Open for Business'. Of course it was released just as Lent began. I just tell myself it's just one more thing to look forward to at Easter time. Maybe I'll buy both that and the University expansion. So far I only have the NL expansion and I totally loved that.

I had a character that I wanted to turn into a vampire. ( I don't know why) he can't go out during the day and he looks kinda goofy. I couldn't do it the normal way as he didn't know anyone well enough to influence them to bite him.....soooooooo, I used the cheat to make him a vampire. Then I jacked up his influence ability and he bit two others. I think he'll be drinking a potion to reverse it pretty soon as I just don't find it as cool as I thought it would be. The neat thing though is seeing them go to sleep in their coffins. Maybe I'll start all anew at Easter with a clean slate....towns. I'm really interested in trying the legacy thing. I do have a family where the children are grandchildren of the first family I created, sadly their dad died in a tragic kitchen fire....ACK! I'm not sure if they count as legacy or not.

Well now that I did all this Simtalking I'm just jonseing for my sims.......I miss the SMUSTLE!

Peace and God Bless,


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