Thursday, March 02, 2006

Lent, a time for re-evaluating

Well Lent has begun. We had a wondeful parish celebration for Ash Wednesday when as we placed ashes on the forehead said 'Receive the good news that Jesus has passed from death to life'. What a wonderful way to begin our Lenten Journey. We begin the journey acknowledging that Jesus rose from the dead. I was moved deeply as I placed the ashes on the foreheads of those who came before me. Seeing each person come forward you get a much stronger sense that you are doing this as a whole community.

The homily talked a lot of the things that 'get in the way' of our relationship with God and others. During the homily I realized how much my lenten observance was exactly what God was calling me to do. I felt like God was speaking through our pastor directly to me.

Lent has always been a great time for our family to re-evaluate. This year my husband started with the idea of giving up the computer. I'll admit I wasn't too keen at first (ok, I was angry). As we were eating our meal of perogies yesterday we all talked as a family about what we'd give up and give this season. After my husband and I told the kids about the computer my daughter was the first one to pipe up that she too would make that same decision. Driving to Mass yesterday evening my son had still not made up his mind of what he'd give up. I suggested the gamecube but he immediately exclaimed 'no'. In the end he came to the decision with a little guidance to also give up the computer for Lent. It should prove to be an interesting time for our family.

Last night I was sitting in the living room reading the latest HP book and it just felt nice. My husband was also reading and our daughter was watching some t.v. I think she really enjoyed having us be with her. She is a very social person who doesn't like to be alone. Now I admit when she talked almost non-stop part of me was having to realize that this is all normal...and no, I don't need to hide my life away in my room in front of the comp.

That is exactly why we needed the break!

As a family that has older kids, we all tend to just do our own thing. We miss some of that quality family time. We all go off in our own directions and by doing so some people in the family end up feeling left out and alone. I'm hoping this experience of not using the computer for 40 days will make us all realize that we have to make more effort to stop all going in a different directions and spend more time together.

Tonight I'm planning on a mother/daughter movie night and we'll watch Pride and Prejudice. One of the biggest evening problems for me is that my husband works a lot of evenings so our shows are all taping and I can't watch t.v. Now with the computer off the list of 'things to do' I will have to get more creative. So far my reading has picked up immensley and this movie night will be a lot of fun!!!

I'm still trying to decide what to do for supper tomorrow night. I am thinking of making up a nice pot of vegetable soup and making some homemade rolls. We often eat a lot of salmon during lent and perogies...but I want to get a bit more creative. I'll use some more of my work time to locate a few good ones. If anyone has any good lenten meal recipes pass them on to

Peace and God Bless

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