Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Medallion Dish Cloth

As I mentioned yesterday I am also working on this medallion dish cloth. It turns out so pretty and it's relatively easy. You can make one up quite quickly.

Cast on 15 sts
Row 1: K
Row 2: Sl first st, k1, yo, k 12, leave 1 st on needle.
Row 3: Turn, sl st, k 14
Row 4: Sl st, K1, yo, k 12, leave 2 sts on needle.
Row 5: Turn, sl st, K 14.
Row 6: Bind of 2 sts, k 11, leave 3 sts on needle.
Row 7: Turn, sl st, K 11.
Row 8: Sl st, k1, yo, k 9, leave 4 sts.
Row 9: Rep Row 7
Row 10: Turn, sl st, k1, yo, k 9, leave 5 sts.
Row 11: Rep Row 7.
Row 12: Bind of 2 sts, k8, leave 6 sts.
Row 13: Turn, sl st, K 8.
Row 14: sl st, k1, yo, k6, leave 7 sts.
Row 15: Rep row 13.
Row 16: sl st, k1, yo, k6, leave 8 sts.
Row 17: Rep Row 13.
Row 18: Bind of 2 sts, k 5, leave 9 sts.
Row 19: Turn, sl st, k5.
Row 20: Sl st, k 14

You can change to another colour at this point or continue in the same color.
Repeat the last 20 rows forming the second section. Continue alternating the two colours or the same colour until 8 sections are completed. Bind off 15 sts.
On wrong side weave two free edges together and stitch up the middle.
I can't recall where I got this pattern, if it's your's please let me know and I'll put your link in.

Peace and God Bless,


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