Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Petal Dish Cloths

Well I am working away on the 'white dish cloth' order for my grandma. I've had to get a little creative so I don't get bored with the colour white.

Here I am working on the second one. I just finished one at lunch time and I managed to sneak in some time to start up a new one. This is a 'Petal dish cloth' . You can get the pattern here.

She has many, many great patterns for dishcloths.

Dish cloths are the perfect project to work on as they travel well. You can work on them anywhere and they can be as simple or as complicated as you're comfortable with.

The other one is completed, but I've folded it in half as I forgot my yarn needle at home.

I will probably alternate working with other colours too, after all it's close to spring and I'm just dying to work with some of my bright cottons.

Peace and God Bless,


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