Monday, March 13, 2006

S T R E S S!!!!!

That's the way I am feeling right now. I've never in my life experienced this kind of stress. As I sit here and type my whole body is vibrating and I can't make it STOP!

Why the stress you ask? Well, my husband and I are taking a big step in buying a house(trying to). We've put in a bid that was accepted by the vendor and now it's up to the bank and well the CMHC. When you don't have 25% down they have to insure the mortgage. What a lot to worry about.

Well tomorrow we meet with the bank and after that it's out of our hands. I feel so much pressure to 'succeed' in this purchase...for my kids, my hubby and all of my family. Everyone wants this for us so badly and we want it so badly too. We've been married for 16 years and well we did it all married really young had the kids right away etc. etc. etc. Needless to say buying a house was never an option until recently. Our new jobs give us money into an RRSP each year and that is now our down payment....Yeah! Thank you GOD!

I feel truly blessed to even be in this position to be considering a home purchase, I truly do. I have to ground myself in that too. I've had a lot worse times and look where we are today. I have to give God all the praise and thanks for every step every good thing that has happened is indeed because of his love for us. God, please help us with this stress. Help us to relax and take things as they come. Everything will come in due time. If for some reason this is not meant to be, please help us also Lord to deal with that as well. Now more than ever we call on you God to be our rock. We make this prayer in your name forever....Amen +

Please keep our family in your prayers that we will be successful in this purchase and if not, be able to deal with the loss.

Peace and God Bless,

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