Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Blogs from Hell

I was a little bored last night and hubby was on his computer playing Sims so before Canadian Idol came on...I searched blogs. Although when I use the 'next blog' function I generally come up with interesting blogs sometimes they are totally inappropriate. Last night I found one like this that almost made me sick. I obviously flagged it(not sure what that does), but there really should be a better system to track mature content. Now I've stumbled upon some mature stuff but this was beyond sick.

I realized that I can no longer use the 'next blog' function to find new and interesting blogs. Then I was going through my fav's link list and I found a site that had a Christian Knitter's webring. Now I say to myself how cool is that? I knit and hey I am a Christian too. Hopefully they'll let me join their webring.

Out of curiosity I did search the blogger site for Catholic knitter webrings....nada! I was a little surprised. There were bloggers for musicians who knit....even physicians who knit...but no Catholics. Odd, I am Catholic and I know plenty of women who knit. Maybe we're the quiet sit alone and knit type...I don't know. Are you Catholic...do you knit and do you blog? And, not even in that order. I'll add anyone who has a blog about knitting as long as it's a good clean site. Leave me a comment and I'll add you to my links page...:)

One thing I like about seeing other people's knitting is that it inspires me. I am by no way an advanced knitter(yet...she says firmly). I would like to expand my knitting knowledge. That is in my 'things to do' file(right now it's 3 drawers full)....but seriously, I'd love to do this and I'd really enjoy seeing other's knitting projects. There are some pretty good knitter's out there, if you are one pat yourself on the back.

I am a self taught knitter. I learnt a bit from my Granny and the rest I picked up in various books. I think my biggest mistake is not having enough confidence. I must work on that...positive thoughts produce positive results...lol

On the needles Sarah's poncho and hubby's scarf

Peace and God Bless,


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