Monday, August 28, 2006


That's what I reaized when I woke up to Oliver jumping on the bed and chewing my hair, it was indeed Monday morning. The wonderful weekend was over. I think I am still getting used to the fact that my summer holidays are over.

The weekend was great, I didn't finish the book yet but I am about half way. It's about a woman, Susannah, who is wondering what if she had taken a different 'life path'. I'm sure there are times we've all thought about it. It's a very good read. I didn't end up reading as much as I thought due to the fact that I wanted to get some knitting done. I am almost done the first half of Sarah's poncho. After that I have one more poncho to go and then I can begin the scarf and hat set for the boys. I have a very simple pattern picked out but they turn out so nice. I'll post pictures when I complete a set.

Oh there is a woodpecker out my window, no two. What a rare treat. Oh I was going to get a pic, but as soon as I moved they flew away. We don't have a lot of interesting birds around here, so that was a treat. Usually I see a lot of squirrels throughout the day. They are always looking for or hiding their! Then the crows follow them around and wait until they find something and they chase them away.....bad crows! I find them to be the most annoying birds ever.

Well with us having another glorious day for weather, maybe I'll get to go out for another bike ride. I'm really enjoying the evening bike rides. I'm still in awe over my spiffy new bike, and now that hubby has one to we just look too cute riding together. I'd love to get my daughter a similar one for her birthday next year.

OMG, too funny. There is a squirrel out front chasing, that's right chasing all the birds away. I've never seen them do that before. He must have a good stash around here. Too funny! His tail was all puffed up and he was charging the birds. 'When Squirrels Go Bad' and other scary!

Peace and God Bless,


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  1. You have the funniest posts! I'd love to be a fuzzy little squirel running around for you!