Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Mother's Make Good Jugglers...What's Wrong With Me?

Well it has begun once again - that's right school is back in session. I woke up a bit earlier than normal as I had an idea the morning would be a little hectic. After having 2 months off for good behavior I've been sentenced once again to the 'school morning blues'. Calls of 'Mom, where's my jeans' and 'Mom, he/she is looking at me' have now been added to my regular regimen. Why oh why is it that only 'mom' can do all of these things. Dad is there too, but nope...must ask mom. Now add to that our recent addition to the family...awwwww aren't puppies! Now the morning goes like this too...'mom he's biting my toes, Oliver down..etc'. Lunches being made, tea on the go....puppy has to pee. Is there time left for me? I can just see myself heading off to work and realizing I forgot to put deodorant on or I have a curler stuck in my hair.

If it were a perfect world I'd be just as organized at home as I am at work. When I'm working everything is in it's place and gets done on time. I even have my pens colour coordinated for goodness sakes. Put me at home and I have no idea where that permission slip for climbing Mount Everest went. I can barely keep track of which days they go to school and which ones they don't. Although these days it should be fairly easy as they seem to have more days at home than
school. Yes, as most mother's breathe a sigh of relief as their little one's jot off to school this morning. There's at least one mother who is already missing the lazy dog days of summer and praying that this year she'll become one of those good juggling mother's.

Peace and God Bless,

Let us pray for all students and teachers returning to their classrooms, that they may meet their challenges with patience and understanding, while remaing focused on Jesus as their guide, Amen+

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