Thursday, November 23, 2006

Blog Envy

Well I am ashamed to admit it *blush*, but I have blog envy! There I've said it, I have put it out there for the whole blogging world to see, or not as the case may be.

My hubby's site is gaining popularity at such a quick rate that my lil' ol head is spinning. Sheesh! I knew had a way with words and I did know this from the beginning, but dang I have to come up with something and quick. There must be something I can say or do to surpass his readership....hehehehe! I told him that if his blog gets any more popular I am going to become a computer geek and destroy his blog with my cyber talents.

Well I'll just carry on blogging in my style and not concern myself if anyone cares to read my ramblings.

So I get a call today at work from a New Line Cinema Rep - what do you know, they want to give us 10 passes to see The Nativity Movie next week. What a sweet gift. I had really wanted to see this movie. I thought as a Catholic, I should make it a priority to see the real Christmas story and I want to encourage movie makers to continue to make these types of movies.

So on the way home our son stopped to pick himself and his sis a burger for supper. Yeah he's sure enjoying having sheckels in his pocket since he got his first job. ~at least he's generous~. Anyway, we're sitting their waiting and I mention these free passes and my hubby - ~the kind generous soul ~ that he is says, "Hey, maybe we can sell them on Ebay"....and he roars hilariously like that was the funniest thing ever. I thought it would be funnier if we tried to sell his a** on ebay....then he thought about that for about a 1/2 second and wondered if he could pedal his behind on What a goof.

But seriously have you seen the things you can buy on ebay. I had read an article in our local paper recently about a finding in a small town that went for $85.00 on ebay. The interesting article in question. A shoe that had been found after flood cleanup that they were sure had the face of Jesus on it in dirt. So maybe my hubby's behind could make a fair price....thoughts to ponder!


  1. Oh bring it on baby! I can take it! I've got the
    Lasso of God
    on my side!

  2. Oh, that's what that thing was. I had thought you had a loose thread....good thing I didn't pull it I may have been lassoed by God....gadzooks!