Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Carla Simon: Hi Carla and more

I've been inundated recently with these types of emails. I am getting approximately 30/day. They've somehow even managed to get some of my info to make them look more believable....they'll have hi ####lee or something with my first or second name or my work's name somewhere in the subject line.

Honestly if I wanted these great stock tips wouldn't I just go about finding them on my own. What on earth do they think they'll accomplish by bombarding us with them over and over again. Like one day I'll open one up by accident(probably their thought) and I'll exclaim....OH MY GOODNESS, and I've been deleting these emails? After I smack myself senseless and reply immediately giving them all of my savings, college funds and fun money.


Come one folks, give it up! Your mass marketing techniques are not working, in fact they are turning people off of your whole business.

Would you honestly buy a product if you saw nothing but that products commercials non stop for 2 months. Picture a really cheesy commercial for ummmm let's say Cheez Whiz(I like the whole cheese thing, just go along with it). So we play this commercial of a guy digging in the neighbors garbages looking for jars that have just a wee bit left over and he finally succeeds and has enough jars to make himself a midnight snack of a cheez whiz sandwich. Ok, now think about seeing nothing but that commercial day and night for a whole month straight.

Did you seriously think about it?

Ok, I mean cheez whiz is a nice spread on occasion. I like it on crackers or toast or if I am being adventerous, celery.

But, if they played this commercial non stop. I would be sick of it, it would be like I ate nothing but cheez whiz sandwiches for a month straight.

Whoever can develop software to prevent these types of spam email will make millions!! I think I should get right on that. I can see the money now, and oh how much cheez whiz I could buy with that!


  1. I remember getting those emails too - what a waste! And, I have a fairly good spam filter that normally catches these things, so I was surprised they actually got through. I wonder how many people actually respond positively to those emails?

  2. I guess I'll have to suck it up and pay the extra fee my IP provider will charge to actually filter this stuff out, before I go postal...lol!