Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Knitting Lottery

I think I just won the knitting lottery, really! I guess if you're a knitter it doesn't take much to make you feel happy. A lovely lady just dropped off some yarn, pattern books and needles off for a group to use. She asked me if I knit, and when I said I did, she told me to take whatever I wanted first....woooooo hoooooo! Now I had visions of scarves, socks and sweaters spinning around in my head - gave myself a shake and said sure!

Well I got some wool, enough for a couple of projects and needles galore, including a lot of circular needles(which I currently don't have).

This is turning into a great day!

I received my Christmas parcel from my sis - she's such a sweetie. She sent me some Ty Phoo tea and some low fat snack bars which she claims are awesome. I can barely wait for tea time. As you can tell from my blog name - I love tea! :) So getting a new tea is a special treat indeed. And what a perfect day for it too. We are currently experiencing our first snow storm of the season, so a nice cuppa sounds lovely right now.

We went home at lunch to let Oliver out and feed him - he's getting so big! I'll have to take some pictures of him soon - he's already getting his big boy beagle face. Next Monday he goes to the vet and he'll lose his pride - but hopefully become a better pet. He's been getting better every day and we'd like to keep him a good pet.

He's been hilarious with the snow. He doesn't like it on his paws, but he sticks his whole head in the snow bank....he's soooooo cute. I think he's beginning to get used to the snow now as he's finally just doing his business when we take him out, rather than chasing the snow and pushing it around with his snoopy nose.

I'll post some Oliver pics soon and the sweater project now that it is completed.

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