Friday, December 01, 2006

The Annual Christmas Drive

One of my fond memories from being a kid was the annual 'Christmas Light Drive'. Mom would get that excited look in her eyes and a goofy grin and tell us kids to get dressed 'we're going for a drive' is all she'd say. That's pretty much all she did have to say, it was that time of the year. We had already noticed the odd house with lights on and it always got us excited for the 'annual event'.

Now it wasn't like it is today - where mostly every block has half of the houses lit....OH NO! We would pile in the back of the big Chevy Oldsmobile in our jammies with the feet and snuggle up under an old car blanket and head off for the 'drive'. This would consist of at least 1 1/2 hours. We'd pretty much cover the entire city and maybe we saw 40 or so houses, but no matter how many we saw or how many times we took that drive - we were always in awe when we saw the twinkling lights hanging from the eavestroughs. Dad would get that twinkle in his eyes as he'd point out the extra special ones and he'd drive so slowly I could almost swear we weren't moving at all.

After our big drive we'd head home and mom would tuck us into our snuggly warm beds and I felt so excited that I could barely sleep. For when we went on the 'Christmas Drive', Christmas was always really close. (It was back in the day where folks put their lights on in the few weeks just before Christmas.) We'd try to fall asleep on those nights, my sister and I, but more often than not - we'd stay up all night talking about those lights. We always picked a favorite and would drive past it at least 3 times(no we were not

Things are a lot different now. For one thing, if you told people you went for 1 1/2 drive to see Christmas lights...they'd figure you were off your nutter. The price of gas alone would scare the pants off of most folks. No, today you don't really see the parade of annual "Christmas Light Drive" trekkers. In most cases you reall don't need to plan a special night to see these wonders. Christmas lights have become almsot standard in most neighborhoods...putting in an appearance in most cases as soon as Halloween is over.

That being said, whenever I see the twinkle of the lights...I get that little kid feeling again and it takes me back to days long gone when that was the most special treat of all!
In honour of my old family tradition - I'd like to share this video I've found of an amazing Christmas light display.

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