Friday, December 29, 2006

Non-Dripping TeaPot sets the Heart A Fire

A dear lady from our Church gave me and hubby a teapot for Christmas - with a postIt stuck to the side clearly said 'Guaranteed not to drip'. The poor old one that we use at the office leaks like a sieve! Good thing for the blessed lil' tea stopper. The downside to the tea stopper is how stained it gets. I try for reasons unknown to me, to give it a good cleaning every couple of weeks or so. For a day, perhaps it will look like it originally did - a little slice of lemon, all fresh and clean. This is a very short lived look for the poor old tea stopper, for after a couple of pots of tea with the good ol' leaky pot it's completely brown and I'm sure to most folks looks rather disgusting.

So when I get a pot that doesn't leak, not even a D R I P....well I am happier than a pig in, oh you know!

Now tonight I'll enjoy my TyPhoo tea by the potful without a leak in sight!

God Bless You Agnes!

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