Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The Santa Within

Hard to believe that in only six more 'sleeps' as we used to say as kids - Christmas will be here
Stockings will soon be hung by the chimney with care. Children all snuggled as bugs in their beds. All waiting up in hopes they'll hear just a faint 'jingle' of the bells on Santa's sleigh.

I remember the Christmas I found out about Santa Claus. I must have had some lingering feelings that the kid who told me must be wrong. That night I was adamant that I would wait up and 'see for myself. I remember it being completely dark - even mom and dad were sound asleep. I could hear the distinct sound of bells.....slowly at first and then they got progressively louder. I carefully and very quietly snuck out of my bed. I opened my door so quietly even my sis who was sleeping in the bed next to mine didn't hear. As I peeked outside my room into the darkened hallway I saw the back of Santa. He was just as I'd pictured him....red suit, black boots.....sack full of toys. I guess a part of me wasn't ready to let go of the mystery of Santa, nor will it ever be.

On Christmas Eve as my hubby and I eat the treats that have been so carefully selected for Santa and break off the end of the carrot to make it look like Dasher had a nibble we'll do so just filled with the spirit of St. Nicholas. When I stuff my hubby's stocking with all sorts of treats, I know I'll have a grin from ear to ear, as will he. We'll snuggle up in bed just like two little kids and we'll be so excited for Christmas morning that we'll be up all night giggling and talking.

Yes, I also do believe in Santa just like dear Hubby and I watch on Christmas Eve as the local news gets a radar image of Santa and his sleigh and I just smile inside knowing that all the little girls and boys will be filled with such excitement that they might just hear Santa's sleigh on the roof or hear the bells and if they're really lucky they may even catch a glimpse of the good ol' chap and they too will always keep the spirit of St. Nicholas alive and well in their hearts for the rest of their days.

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  1. You are a beautiful soul. Merry Christmas!