Sunday, February 26, 2006

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Knitting Thoughts

It has come to mind lately that I haven't done as much knitting as I used to do. In my previous blog I have explained the no computer game playing for Lent. I'm hoping now that I can use that time to be more creative.

I have done some nice knitting projects but I'm very afraid to make the jump and try to do a sweater or something that takes assembly as well as picking up of stitches. I did make my daughter and I each a dickie this winter. I was amazed that I was able to figure out how to pick up stitches. I have a great book called 'The Knit Stitch, by Sally Melville'. It's quite good with many pictures to show each step.

Why can't I just take the next step and attempt a sweater? I think that is why I've been a bit off of my knitting lately. I am tired of making scarves and dishcloths!!!! For Christmas this year I made our family members each a 1/2 dozen dish cloths and now my Grandma also wants some but she wants a dozen....all in white!!!! Bore city! Obviously you can see why I am losing interest in my knitting. There is only so many dish cloths you can make before you go nutz!

The Projects:
I've currently got the dish cloth order on task, I'm making a scarf for my husband and I'm crocheting a throw for the living room. Of these the main importance is the scarf...if I don't finish it soon he won't even use it until next year...wait...STOP! Even if I finish it this month he won't use it until next year. Maybe I can put this one on hold and just work on the dish cloth order for my off project.

Now, what to make. I'm so eager to try a sweater it's not even funny! I just hope I don't go and buy a bunch of wool and then it turns out that I'm a flop at it. Does anyone out there have any experience on how hard it is to make a sweater? My sis is an avid knitter and she assures me that if she can do it so can I. She said that the hardest part is the assembly. I'm a fairly confident knitter. I can read patterns, do a basic cable etc. The pattern difficulty I stick to is usually up to ntermediate depending on the pattern. I can do very advanced stuff in dish cloths. I'm looking for a easy sweater pattern, preferably in a teenage girl size so that I can practice on a smaller project.

Things I want to accomplish in my LifeTime:

1. How to knit sweaters.
2. Become a great photographer
3. Take a trip with hubby to either somewhere tropical or Europe.
4. Attain goal weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

I'm sure there will be more, these are just the ones on my mind at the moment.

Well we'll see how my knitting goes this Lent. Hopefully I will have some pics that I can share of my progress and *crossing fingers* completed project. I will post a picture later of the dickie I made's currently in the wash.

Off to find a pattern, hopefully and let the creative juices flow.

Peace and God Bless,

Friday, February 24, 2006

Giving up the computer for Lent????

I recently read a blog at nosimsforlent and it got my husband and I into this discussion about what we planned on giving up for Lent this year. I was thinking of chocolate but I know that's not going to work at all. Sure I could probably give it up, but who would be able to live with me and besides I had given up Pepsi before and treats so it wasn't a huge stretch for me.

But this idea of not playing on the computer, what on earth would I do with my time?....the fact that I even had that question in my mind means that I've become way...way too attached to this and isn't that a little bit of what we're asked to do during Lent. To give up some of those things that we think we can't live without. The things that are preventing us from being closer to Jesus, spending time with the family, friends etc. That's when it really hit me....I HAVE to do this. I think there must be more to life than sitting in front of the computer like a zombie.

I am a Sim Addict as well as my husband and I are 'die hard' NeverWinter Nights players so this will definitely be very interesting. It will be intersting to see what else we do with all the extra time. We were talking at lunch and I said to him 'what did we ever do before the computers?' It just seems like that's all we do for game playing in our house. The kids have their games that they play on our PC's and when they're not doing that they've got themselves plopped in front of the game cube zoning out!!! I mean honsetly is their life w/o the computer? So now we have to go back to the way things were. Card games, backgammon, reading....going outside...omy!

I can just see us on Easter Sunday evening all stuck in front of the comuter zoned right out having the time of our lives. Just like the year I gave up my pepsi, when I had that first glass it was the best tasting pepsi I ever had!!!!!

I think we'll definitely find that we spend more time as a family. I think that is a huge priority that I am lacking in. Don't get me wrong we do things as a family but when I get home from work and I'm all stressed out from a crazy day of dealing with people that all I want to do is just zone right out and for me the best thing to do is turn on the computer and take myself away.....

So now the plan will be to cram in as much computer time as possible before Ash!

Good luck to everyone who is doing some type of Lenten observance. It will be a great way to put the stumbling blocks to our faith aside for the time being...and learn how to create more time all year round for God, family and friends.

Peace and God Bless!

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Frustration and Humor

Well here it is Thursday afternoon and I have had no email all day! Isn't it amazing how you can come to rely so much on internet and email. I feel completely out of touch. Thankfully I still have my internet connection, what would I do w/o that....omy! I guess I'll try to fill the missing space with a bit o' blogging!

Don't you just love some of the jokes that make you lol sitting at work. I got one sent to me the other day entitled 'The Last Blonde Joke You'll Ever Need'. A man was at work one day and he got a panicked call from his fiance. She was so upset that he could hardly make out what the problem was. As soon as his lunch break came he quickly sped over to her to see if she was ok. She answered the door with tears just pouring down her face. Something was really wrong. Concerned that he get to the bottom of it right away he asked her about it. He finally calmed her down enough that she was able to explain how she had been trying to assemble this 1000 piecc puzzle since late the night before and she had yet to find one piece that fit together. She was feeling quite dumb and so embarassed. She wanted him to help her with the puzzle. He asked her to see the puzzle box and she told him it's right in front of you on the table. After he had a good look at the box he got up and made them each a nice cup of tea and then he explained to her that........are you ready for was the Frosted Flakes cereal box and now he'd help her get the cereal back in the box.

I get so many of these types of emails as well as some that are just plain stupid. I recently got an email that was about a supposed missing child. The basis of this email is that the more people see this picture the more likely it is that the child will be found and be brought back home. I mean honestly if you're child is missing is this all you can think to do? That's where I really like going to one of my favourit websites , it's a great place to find out what is true and what isn't. The next time you get an email and you think something just isn't right go to snopes and do a search. There are so many, many hoaxes out there. Also, sometimes it's also just as amazing at what is real. How many received the pictures of the indoor skiing in Dubai? That was something to see alright. I can just see those guys all hot in the sun one minute and bundling up to go skiing the next.

Some more humor for you...A husband and wife were going to go on a holiday to the Holy Land. His mother-in-law insisited on going with as she wanted the opportunity and she had no one else to travel with. Begrudgingly the husband agreed to let her tag alone. Well wouldn't you know it the mother-in-law had a heart attack and died on their trip. After meeting with the funeral director to discuss the costs(the wife was too shook up to deal with it). He was aware that to have a nice funeral there would cost him $750(way cheaper than back home), or to have the body sent home would be somewhere to the tune of $10,000.00. The man only took a couple of seconds befoe he told the funeral director that he would indeed go with the second option. The funeral director was simply astounded at this decision and he couldn't help but to ask why he dediced to go that route. The man was quick to respond. "Because 2000 years ago you buied a man down here and three days later he rose again, I can't take that chance."

I have heard that joke many times and every time I hear it I have a little giggle. All of us who are married have at one time or another had bad experiences with our in-laws. I have to say I'm pretty lucky. I get along fairly well with my mother-in-law. My only sore spot is that she doesn't spend near enough time with my kids than the other grand kids. But she does mean well and deep down I know she loves them all equally. I'm sure one day when I am a mother-in-law I will feel a little differently about these kinds of jokes/but hopefully I still have my sense of humor. I think I will need it in order to not become one of 'those mother-in-laws'.

What can I say I've had a few jokes told to me today...I'll go with one more. This one is a hoot. A man died and as they were carrying his casket out of the church the pall bearers slipped a little bit and the casket hit the corner of the railing. Wouldn't you know it all of a sudden their was a knock from insidet he casket. The man was still ALIVE! Well some years later the man did indeed die again. As they were carrying him out of the church the wife whispered to the sturdiest pall bearer. "Now don't you hit the railing on your way out!" Hehehehehehehehe

There's a little light humour for your afternoon tea. Sometimes it's good just to sit back and enjoy life. It's a cold day here but the sun is shining brightly and spring is indeed just a hearbeat away. Soon the tulips will be poking their heads up out of the wet soil and the birds will be chirping their lovely melodies. Take light in the fact that winter is almost over and we have another spring ahead which will be full of new and different experiences.

Peace and God Bless,

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Afternoon Cravings and more

Anyone else have the 3:00 p.m. donut/sugar craving going on? I am just going nuts. I don't know why at this time of the day I go into hunger overdrive. I mean seriously, all I've done today is sit at an office desk and work. I'm not a ditch digger, concrete pourer or moving man. So what is up with this hunger thingy?
I know it's definitely getting to be time for a cup o' tea. I checked in the staff room nothing there to eat. I found an old granola bar in my desk that I have no desire to eat. Of course did I stop there oh no! I have an emergency stash of chocolate. Oh ladies, you know exactly why I have that. Well shocker of all shockers....I don't feel like chocolate! What the *&* is going on? Don't you just hate when you get those super specific cravings or worse a very evasive type of craving. You know the kind. It's 11:30 on a Sunday night and you just have to have something but you don't know what. Off you go(bundled up in a parka and boots) for a 5 min drive to the local convenience store. The clerk looks at you like you're a potential shoplifter as you peruse aisle after remember I did say convenience store. ...looking for that one thing you just have to have. Finally after feeling a little embarassed by standing by the chooolate bars for 10 minutes you just grab something...anything, does it really matter...YES! It is another failed craving attempt...*sigh*! Maybe next time you'll know what you want before you head off to the store like a crazy woman.
Speaking of food, I just found a great recipe for a low fat dessert on the box of HoneyMaid graham crackers. I'll make a point to put it in my net post. I'm always on the look out for something low fat, low cal that is delicious. I mean hey, I don't want to spend all my time running on the elliptical.
Well I'm signing off for now, this whole blog thing is so completely new to me. I'll try to get back soon.