Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Mother's Make Good Jugglers...What's Wrong With Me?

Well it has begun once again - that's right school is back in session. I woke up a bit earlier than normal as I had an idea the morning would be a little hectic. After having 2 months off for good behavior I've been sentenced once again to the 'school morning blues'. Calls of 'Mom, where's my jeans' and 'Mom, he/she is looking at me' have now been added to my regular regimen. Why oh why is it that only 'mom' can do all of these things. Dad is there too, but nope...must ask mom. Now add to that our recent addition to the family...awwwww aren't puppies! Now the morning goes like this too...'mom he's biting my toes, Oliver down..etc'. Lunches being made, tea on the go....puppy has to pee. Is there time left for me? I can just see myself heading off to work and realizing I forgot to put deodorant on or I have a curler stuck in my hair.

If it were a perfect world I'd be just as organized at home as I am at work. When I'm working everything is in it's place and gets done on time. I even have my pens colour coordinated for goodness sakes. Put me at home and I have no idea where that permission slip for climbing Mount Everest went. I can barely keep track of which days they go to school and which ones they don't. Although these days it should be fairly easy as they seem to have more days at home than
school. Yes, as most mother's breathe a sigh of relief as their little one's jot off to school this morning. There's at least one mother who is already missing the lazy dog days of summer and praying that this year she'll become one of those good juggling mother's.

Peace and God Bless,

Let us pray for all students and teachers returning to their classrooms, that they may meet their challenges with patience and understanding, while remaing focused on Jesus as their guide, Amen+

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Blogs from Hell

I was a little bored last night and hubby was on his computer playing Sims so before Canadian Idol came on...I searched blogs. Although when I use the 'next blog' function I generally come up with interesting blogs sometimes they are totally inappropriate. Last night I found one like this that almost made me sick. I obviously flagged it(not sure what that does), but there really should be a better system to track mature content. Now I've stumbled upon some mature stuff but this was beyond sick.

I realized that I can no longer use the 'next blog' function to find new and interesting blogs. Then I was going through my fav's link list and I found a site that had a Christian Knitter's webring. Now I say to myself how cool is that? I knit and hey I am a Christian too. Hopefully they'll let me join their webring.

Out of curiosity I did search the blogger site for Catholic knitter webrings....nada! I was a little surprised. There were bloggers for musicians who knit....even physicians who knit...but no Catholics. Odd, I am Catholic and I know plenty of women who knit. Maybe we're the quiet sit alone and knit type...I don't know. Are you you knit and do you blog? And, not even in that order. I'll add anyone who has a blog about knitting as long as it's a good clean site. Leave me a comment and I'll add you to my links page...:)

One thing I like about seeing other people's knitting is that it inspires me. I am by no way an advanced knitter(yet...she says firmly). I would like to expand my knitting knowledge. That is in my 'things to do' file(right now it's 3 drawers full)....but seriously, I'd love to do this and I'd really enjoy seeing other's knitting projects. There are some pretty good knitter's out there, if you are one pat yourself on the back.

I am a self taught knitter. I learnt a bit from my Granny and the rest I picked up in various books. I think my biggest mistake is not having enough confidence. I must work on that...positive thoughts produce positive

On the needles Sarah's poncho and hubby's scarf

Peace and God Bless,


Monday, August 28, 2006


That's what I reaized when I woke up to Oliver jumping on the bed and chewing my hair, it was indeed Monday morning. The wonderful weekend was over. I think I am still getting used to the fact that my summer holidays are over.

The weekend was great, I didn't finish the book yet but I am about half way. It's about a woman, Susannah, who is wondering what if she had taken a different 'life path'. I'm sure there are times we've all thought about it. It's a very good read. I didn't end up reading as much as I thought due to the fact that I wanted to get some knitting done. I am almost done the first half of Sarah's poncho. After that I have one more poncho to go and then I can begin the scarf and hat set for the boys. I have a very simple pattern picked out but they turn out so nice. I'll post pictures when I complete a set.

Oh there is a woodpecker out my window, no two. What a rare treat. Oh I was going to get a pic, but as soon as I moved they flew away. We don't have a lot of interesting birds around here, so that was a treat. Usually I see a lot of squirrels throughout the day. They are always looking for or hiding their! Then the crows follow them around and wait until they find something and they chase them away.....bad crows! I find them to be the most annoying birds ever.

Well with us having another glorious day for weather, maybe I'll get to go out for another bike ride. I'm really enjoying the evening bike rides. I'm still in awe over my spiffy new bike, and now that hubby has one to we just look too cute riding together. I'd love to get my daughter a similar one for her birthday next year.

OMG, too funny. There is a squirrel out front chasing, that's right chasing all the birds away. I've never seen them do that before. He must have a good stash around here. Too funny! His tail was all puffed up and he was charging the birds. 'When Squirrels Go Bad' and other scary!

Peace and God Bless,


Saturday, August 26, 2006


I was sent this picture with a few others in an email today. The subject heading was 'Times you really need to trust the pilot'. Now most people would assume in this situation that what you have is 'trust' in the person in charge. I would go further to say you'd have 'faith' in the pilot. When you take a leap of faith you completely let go and give it up to someone else to handle.

Sometimes faith is referred to as letting go of the branch as you dangle from a tree. This situation too would require a lot of faith. I don't know about you but about this time I'd be praying like crazy to God to get me home safe. I'd then have faith that He would indeed help me with that. I would have faith that no matter what the outcome everything would be ok.

Think of a time when you had to have complete faith - how did it work out for you? It's good to remember and reflect upon the times in our lives when we were feeling helpless and alone and by a simple act of Faith we were taken care of. So when the world is getting hectic and things seem to be too much, just take a meditative moment to reflect on those times when you thought things were impossible. Then you'll realize that with God and faith all things are possible and you'll 'let go' of the day to day worries.

Peace and God Bless,


Friday, August 25, 2006

Susannah's Garden

Well I picked up Susannah's Garden from the library and I'm really enjoying it. I've settled in with a cup of tea and my good book. I really began to enjoy her as an author after I read 'A Good Yarn'. From that moment on I was hooked. She has a great series called 'Cedar Cove'. These are a good fun and quick read.

I'm trying to find some good mystery writers as well. I think I'll head to the library when I finish this book and try out some new authors. The library is a great place for trying out new authors.

If anyone has a favourite author they'd like to reccomend, I'd love to hear from you. I'm always on the look out for a good author. My tastes range from classic novels to romance books so don't be afraid to give me a suggestion or two.

I'll do a book review of Susannah's Garden once I finish it - at this rate it will probably be done by the end of the weekend.

Peace and God Bless,



Well as promised here is the picture of one of the completed ponchos. It's for my 4 yo niece. Her favourite colours are pink and purple. I loved the self striping feature of this yarn. I am going to try more of it for future projects.I have two more ponchos to knit up and then I need to start the projects for my two nephews soon as well. That being said poor hubby's scarf has been on hold since last winter. I got busy with another project and by the time I had time to work on it, it was too warm for a! I'll have to make sure to get his scarf done before the winter winds begin a blowing.

Peace & God Bless


Thursday, August 24, 2006

Hippety Hop Hop

I had a little visitor today at work. When I see animals it always brightens my day. Here is a picture of the cute little bunny. It made me realize that it's been some time since I've blogged. When I got here and I saw that I hadn't blogged since We Got the House...I knew it had been ages. Time to get back into the swing of things.

A lot has been going on since then. We have moved into the house and painted our son's room red. (Don't even get me going on that...could be 5 pages on the why not to paint with red paint diatribe). Thankfully it's done now and he is thrilled with it.

The summer has seemed to go by so quickly, it's actually a little sad. I'd love to boycott September if I could but all the signs around me won't let me. You can't shop at a store without being bamboozled with Back to School signs. I did manage to get my kids school supply shopping done. I would have been a basket case if I didn't get it all bought and tucked away at least a week before school starts. Is it me or are those lists just getting crazy. I half expect to see a list one day with things like, teacher's agenda, office steno chair, chalk and whiteboard markers. I mean really, how did our ancestors ever learn a thing without 36 colours of crayons and markers.

We did manage to get a bit of R n' R this summer. When the lazy dog days of summer come upon us all the weekday evening meetings cease so there is a lot of extra time for us as a family that we long for all year long. Not being able to go on a holiday was something we realized would happen when we bought the house but knowing it and living it are two different things. It just seems like we've had almost a non-summer. We did manage a small camping trip, which did nothing but make me realize why I dislike camping so much. I kept thinking I have a nice house a cozy bed and all the creature comforts I can afford...what on earth am I doing out here washing dishes in a bucket and sleeping on an air! The kids loved it though, so that was worth it to me.

We didn't manage to get too caught up on sleep as we have a new addition to our family. Yep, we got a new puppy. Now I have never had a dog before, let alone a puppy. They sure tap out your resources, but they are adorable. He had his shots on Tuesday and on Wedensday he had a lot of tummy distress and he was very lethargic. I have to say it was hard to see such an active pup act like that. Thankfully that all seemed to pass and he appears to be his normal self full of P & V!! Isn't he adorable? He is already spoiled rotten. I can't seem to pass a pet store without buying him a new toy.

Well we are having a rainy day here, it's nice change from the hot dry weather we've had almost all summer. I have a book on hold from the library to pick up - Susanna's Garden by Debbie Macomber. I think it will be the perfect night to read. I'll brew up a nice cup of hot tea put on my cozy jammies and curl up with the book. It should be a perfect evening.

I did manage to get some knitting done over the summer. I am making my nieces all a poncho for Christmas using the Bernat Boucle. They are adorable. I'll post pics of them at a later date. Surprisingly they knit up very fast and they are so cute and snuggly. I now want to find a nice pattern to make my nephews a scarf and hat set. I am really big on homemade Christmas gifts so I have to get quite a headstart on them. I have been thinking for the brothers/sisters and parents that I would like to do some of those 'Gifts in a Jar' they seem to be very cute and you can do so many kinds.

Well I guess I do have to get to work here and pretend to be accomplishing something here today. Work is still slow but I have to be

Peace & God Bless