Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween

Well it's the day all the kids wait for all year long, Halloween. Tonight the cutest little ghosts and goblins will come marching to and fro with big grins on their faces as we all put some little treats in their candy sacks.

I love to see the wee little ones. They always seem to get an extra helping of candy from me.

Tonight my son plans on being the one to hand out the candy, and he will do so of course with the scariest of masks that he could possibly find. I guess it's pay back time for all the times he was spooked by some over zealous Halloween enthusiast.

I plan on spending the evening exercising and being thankful that I didn't buy any kind of candy that I'd like to indulge in. I'll sit back with my water and maybe a few pretzels and watch some ridiculously scary movie.

I remember when I was a kid we had this rule that all the candy bars had to be placed in the fridge in a big bowl. The premise of course that this kept them fresh...yeah right thanks mom and dad...lol! Those candy bars God bless them didn't last more than 2 days. Mind you that was back in the day when it was a rare thing to get a chocolate bar. The most common treat in my day was sunflower seeds and gum, anything else was a bonus. One time I went trick or treating and a young neighbour handed out full size pops and full size chips and bars. All the kids were talking about that for years. Now as an adult handing out my own candy I realize it's just as fun to buy the treats.

I hope you all have a safe and Happy Halloween. Drive safe, there will be a lot of excited trick-or-treater's walking around in the dark, with only candy on their minds.