Saturday, January 20, 2007

5 Things (you may not) know about me - I've been tagged

Five Things (you may not) know about me! - thanks to Hubby for the tag!

1. I love to listen to POLKA music!
Now, quit all that groaning - some poor sap will blow his speakers if the www gets too loud.

Seriously though, every since I was a little wee girl listening to my Grandpa play his accordion I have loved this music. I remember many Saturday night driving home and listening to the Polka Party on the local radio station. When I hear it I can't help it my toes start a tap tap tapping and I probably get that little gleam in my eye as I remember the good ol' days when Grandpa used to play. I'm sure he's wowing a few folks in heaven with his toe tapping music.

My grandma gave me her old stereo when she moved into her senior's apartment - that's right the kind that plays those big things we call records and Oh My - even 8 tracks. Now I am showing my age.

Anyway, I also inherited all my Grandpa's records including some he and his band had recorded. I don't know how I'll ever be able to part with that bit of nostalgia!

The worst part of this secret addiction is my hubby's inability to dance to it - nothing worse than being a wallflower when a good two step starts a playing. One day I'm sure I'll have him dancing like a pro.

2. I have a bizarre fascination with yarn. I'm sure I was well into my adult years with one if not both of my kids already on the scene. My mom had given me a basket of yarn for my birthday and a crochet hook. From that moment on my love affair with yarn has been non-stop.

I can barely pass the yarn aisle of our local box store without a quick look and more often than not a purchase of some that I'm sure I just HAVE to have. This turns our home into a mini yarn shoppe.

Once I'd mastered the art of crochet I felt brave enough to take on knitting. God bless Granny and a lady named Judy for all their help, plus all those wonderfully illustrated How To books.

All that has led me to where I am today - a Yarn Addict! I constantly have a few projects on the go, and when a project is complete I immediately have to start a new one.

I woke up at 7:30 this morning and the first thing I did was wake up and you guessed it, began knitting! Then today my mom gave me a garbage bag full of wool from her private stash and it was like a kid in a candy store - all that yarn Oy, just think of the possibilities.

I'm not sure if I'll ever be cured of this addiction, but I sure hope not. Where else can you get hours of entertainment for under a dollar/hour.

3. I am terrified of basements!

That's right I said basements!!! There is nothing creepier than that dark hole underneath the house, where only the bugs seem to feel at home. The older the home the scarier the basement becomes. My sister was living in an old duplex that had been priests quarters and they were connected to the convent and the church through some underground tunnels. She tried to get me to go into that basement once, I couldn't even get myself to go down one step.

I remember staying at my Granny's house and she'd ask me to get some preserves from the basement - I don't think you ever saw a kid move so fast. I was probably just a blur. I guess I thought some basement monster was going to get me.

I don't know why I am afraid of basements, maybe it's because they're so dark or they have too many bugs or maybe it's the noises that the furnace makes as it blasts the heat through the house.

The ironic thing about all of this is when we bought our new home we bought a bi-level and hubby and I have the bedroom in the basement. Now sure it's a finished basement but sometimes when I hear that furnace groan or hear the ceiling above expand and contract I have my moment of being a kid in granny's basement once again.

4. I have two subscriptions to magazines but I never read them.

I don't even know why that is. I mean I will generally glance through them and see if there any interesting recipes or an interesting story but more often than not I end up piling them beside the bed until the stack gets so big I can't see out the window and then I'll generally give them to someone else to read.

The weird thing is I know all of this, but somehow I can't just seem to end the subscriptions. When the renewal form comes along, my evil twin must take over and fills it in once again. It's of course the only logical conclusion I can come to for such odd behavior.

5. Last but not least as previously mentioned by dear hubby - he kind of let my biggest secret out already but for me it's still a big thing. Not too many people I know would even know it. I don't know why I think it's such a big deal...

but I do play NWN and previous to that Baldur's Gate and I absolutely LOVE it! I used to laugh at DH playing it and then I got hooked. I think it's because it takes you so far out of your ordinary life that for that bit of time you can let all of the stresses of the day just subside and just relax and have some fun.

I also don't think many women/girls/mothers females even play, so I feel a bit odd that I am so intrigued with such a male dominated hobby. Why else do I feel compelled to keep it such a secret.

Anyway it's a fun game that I love to play with DH, in fact a few years ago we got his and hers computers so that we could play the campaigns together. Prior to this we had a much more primitive way of playing that makes me laugh just thinking of us co-sharing the game and keyboard.

Well it's our 'quality time' and we love playing it. Although, we haven't played in some time now. We'll have to get a game going again one of these days for ol' times sake.

There, 5 things you probably didn't know about me - just a wee glimpse into the many faceted sides of my personality. If you feel like sharing some of tidbits with the rest of us consider yourself tagged. If you do feel like sharing, leave a comment and I'll be sure to check out your blog.

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