Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Dishwasher Woes

Well I think we've reached a new low in our household. We have two teenagers and one of their chores is to load and unload the dishwasher. Now considering we've only had a dishwasher for the last 7 months you'd think they'd be so thrilled with being able to use it that they'd be very careful about running it with nicely scraped plates.

Ummmmmmm dramatic pause.....NOOOOOOOOOOOO!

I'm quite shocked that loading a dishwasher is such a hard task. I'm wondering if they have to wash them all by hand for the next month that they'll realize what a luxury it actually is.

When we moved into our new home it was one of the appliances that hubby and I knew that we just had to have. Our kids did the dishes but it was always an argument about who would wash and who would dry and screams of horror after pulling out a cup out of the cupboard pouring a beverage and realizing that it had dried hardened milk at the bottom(it's true)! So we really, really wanted to get a dishwasher. We saved this delivery as a surprise for our kids, after all it would really benefit them the most. They were thrilled!

It was exciting the first few times we used it - I had never seen dishes so clean. Everything sparkled and shined like new. Everything got a good wash - all the dishes that were packed in newsprint came out gleaming. For months I didn't let the kids load it but they were responsible for unloading. Eventually I decided to show them how to load as well. This began fine, I mean there were times that they could have fit a lot more if they had been more careful with the placement of certain items.

Then it all went south. One day the dishwasher was started up and we could hear this horrible grinding noise. We ran upstairs and drained the machine, only to find that our dd had left a straw inside a cup and it was now being chewed up in the grinder. A few stern talks about making sure things were rinsed - items like 'straws' were not left in cups etc. etc. etc. A short time later I came into the kitchen to find our floor covered in bubbles. 'What on Earth'! Turns out our ds had put a cup in the dishwasher that had previously held our dishsoap filled scrubber....yep! We hunkered down and spent the afternoon scooping bubbles out of the machine!

All through this though the dishwasher was in working condition. Now I should have used my 'mom sense' and decided right then and there that the kids were obviously not capable of loading the extremely complicated machine....but oh no I continued giving them free access to my little dream machine. That there was my big mistake.

Yesterday I noticed the dishwasher hadn't drained all the way. Hmmm seemed a bit odd. We told the machine to drain and it did - must have been something caught in the grinder or such - seemed fine. Nope, we ran it last night and this morning we noticed it hadn't drained - the worst part it wouldn't drain even when we selected cancel/drain. Yeesh! So now we have to have the repair guy come out. I imagine he'll be pulling a chopstick or some other wacky item out of the hose or the's just crazy!!

You wouldn't think with two teenagers you'd have this problem. I mean I remember when our son was 2. He would put odd things in the oddest places. Little bits of ornaments into the vcr and toys and toothbrushes down the toiletbowl. Yes I had somehow assumed we were past all of these unfortunate little 'accidents' but it would seem that it is a constant concern.

The question remains though, once the kids move out of the house....who will we blame?

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