Friday, January 12, 2007

Mom to a teenager from Outer Space

Oh Dear Lord,

What oh what has happened to the little precious bundle of joy, that you blessed us with some 13 years ago. She was so tiny and fragile and when she cried all I needed to do was to hold her and everything was alright!

Now I am bombarded with this beligerent, selfish, ornery girl with moodswings so severe she must be from Outer Space. I am absolutely not joking Lord! Within minutes she can be happy and telling me she loves me, to screaming at the top of her lungs how much she hates me and hates her life(and things much worse, that I'll leave out to be kind).

Fights that can start over the simplest thing, "Yyou left your cereal on the table all day." - "Oh, I ddn't see it"(she happens to be doing her homework RIGHT beside it! Of course she doesn't see it, what was I thinking. And she'll never admit she's WRONG....absoultely NEVER. I didn't realize but being wrong is something a teenager never is, how cool is that? Maybe I should go back 20+ years, just so I can be right for a change.

From the constant fights to the jugs of milk that drain faster than I can say "who drank all that milk", life is a constant battle! From the room that is in a constant state of 'Condemn' to the constant complaints that her brother is treated much better than her. So he's 17 going on 18 and has completely different rules and boundaries - why should any of that matter? Of course, what was I thinking?????

I pray that I will have the strength to get through all the I HATE YOU's to the grown up I LOVE YOU's - which will inevitably come many years from now when she is much more mature and a parent who can finally understand all that was done for her by us all because no matter how many I hate you's she screams or how nasty she ever gets....we love her...unconditionally and forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. OH NO is that what i have to look forward to? LOL you'll get through it. thanks for stopping by my blog.

  2. Thanks Allena,

    I have faith that I'll get through it. Sometimes all you can do is see it all with a bit of humor and it doesn't seem as bad.

    Peace and God Bless

  3. I am with you all the way, I have a 14 year old daughter, exactly the same way, right now she hates me and loves her dad...but when she sweet she's sweet but dont hold your will change any minute..I just keep praying that this will end soon it has been going on for 4 years now..I also have faith that I will get thru it, and I know God does have a sense of humor sometimes...take care and I will keep you and your daughter in my prayers...


  4. Thanks for the prayers, I'll keep you in mine also.

    It's so different having a daughter from a son. My son is just so easy going - we rarely butt heads, and even when we do he never blows up like she does. With her it could be a simple look in her general direction.

    I sure hope I didn't put my mother through this *sigh*!

  5. LOL

    I know I put my mother through this! I remember it well. She's pretty much my best friend, now, though.

    My three girls (17, 19, 21) are individually great -- it's when they get harping on each other that it's hard to bear. Still, they're not around as much anymore, and I MISS them terribly.

    My Beloved, on the other hand, refers to himself as "awash in an estrogen sea". And he didn't even have sisters, so he was really out of the loop when the teen years began!

    Hang in there, it's all worth it.

  6. Thanks Talmida,

    I know it's worth it too! I think I turned out pretty good and I know my mom and I have the best relationship ever now.

    I look forward to having that with my daughter :)!

  7. Just popping in via the cura blog (that I also just wandered into by serendipity) but had to comment because yes, I have two daughters and it is rather tough already and the older one is only 9...!!! But it sure does feel good to hear about it from someone else...makes me feel like all's normal, it's just life etc etc. I'm bookmarking you!

  8. Oh, yes! That's exactly what I was talking about!