Friday, January 26, 2007

Sleepover Survival Kit - For Parents

We've probably both fallen off our rockers and gone completely insane but we've agreed to let our daughter have another dreaded(cue scary music) - Sleep-Over.
Gosh, just saying that word is enough to give me an uncontrollable twitch.

Yes, we've finally caved. She's been asking for awhile now and I finally ran out of perfectly good reasons why it wasn't possible. I mean I could give a list of reasons why it should never, ever happen. I mean the whole title 'sleep-over' is soooo misleading. If you've never experienced this you have no clue. But, any mother out there with daughters has more than likely experienced this event at least once. Us courageous ones attempt it more than once....then we run directly to the hairdresser and make that grey wash away!

If you are one of us brave mom's or dad's out there you need some quick survival tips out there to make it through that critical 24 hour period.

Firstly, make sure you have plenty fo the kids to do. I mean stock up on the favorite girl movies of all time. Give them plenty of choices! Buy the jumbo size of popcorn and make a big jug of juice or give them some sugar-free pop. The last thing they need is more sugar.

I find if they have a plan of what they 'd like to do it makes it go a bit smoother. Have them select a few board games that they want to play and have them on hand. Cozy up the living room with plenty of pillows and blankets(be prepared to seek out another room of the house). Have them prepare a mix cd of their favorite tunes - dancing can keep them both busy and use up all that excess energy.

Now that you have the kids busy you can take it easy. You should make sure to have your plan as well. Pick up that latest video that you want to see, the one that isn't for the kids(I mean rated more than PG). Set the mood with dim lights and some incense. Make sure the dog has gone out for his final pee and curl up and settle in for the night. Don't forget that jumbo size popcorn you bought - there is plenty to go around.

That's it - or at least my survival plan for the next 24 hrs. Have a great weekend!

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