Tuesday, January 09, 2007

TeaMouse Finds

I've suffered with 'winter skin' since I was a child. As soon as the weather changed so did my skin. From my grey, calloused elbows to my cracked and bleeding hands(this gets worse with knitting). Lovely eczema is my winter enemy. If you have eczema, you are well aware of the effects the cold dry weather can have on your skin. I've tried every cream known to man...I even slathered up my hands in vaseline and put on gloves at night, which would work in the short term. But honestly, who wants to sleep with gloves on all night! The only other option given to me from doctors is the good ol' cortisone cream prescription. I'm not a huge fan of using cortisone if I can avoid it.

Now I can. I discovered over the holiday's Alpen Secrets Goat Milk Soap. Using their soap and body wash has returned my skin to it's summertime beauty. No more cracked and rough elbows, bye bye bleeding and cracked hands. This stuff is amazing!!! I don't usually do product promos, but I had to get the word out about this stuff. I was lucky enough to find their bath sets on 1/2 price after Christmas, so I am stocked up for awhile.

If you suffer from this same winter skin, give the soap a try. There are even some generic versions of the soap if you check out your local pharmacy. I wish I would have found this stuff years ago.

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