Monday, February 12, 2007

My Bad Day

The sound of two kids is what made me jump out of bed this morning. What on earth is going on, where I am I and what day is it(all ran through my head). Soon it hit me like a brick, it was Monday and it was beginning with a bang!

Suffering through a shower where I constantly felt a cold breeze(see what happens when you're cheap and turn down the heat), I also was subjected to a never ending chorus of my kids bantering back and forth. They both need to have access to the freezer and the fridge at the same time - no matter if one of them was already at the fridge and the freezer opening was threatening to knock her on her keester. They woke up with an extra dose of the grumpies and double helping of selfishness.

Yes, this day was beginning like most do in our cozy little home. I tried to imagine that things would get better. After all, I did have a date with a bowl of steel cut oats coming my way. Then I tasted them and I thought maybe it was just me, but they tasted just a little off. I don't think it was all to do with them being a little overcooked. I still ate them, after all it must just be my taste buds - DH didn't complain.

Although it is a cold Monday, I thought I'd wear a skirt to work. This way people actually see my feminine side once in awhile. Well I get to work and get myself settled in and then I see it yep, that's right S T A T I C C L I N G! My denim skirt is clinging to me everytime I move. Perfect, my day is getting off to a good start indeed!

I was asking DH to bring me a sweater from home as I was just chilled to the bone. That's when it hit me.....I forgot to bring my lunch...Argh! So now I have no lunch and it's Monday and going home is difficult as there is a group that needs access to the building right at one p.m. and we live across town. I debated on and off for a bit until my next bang.

The office cleaners weren't showing up and I was beginning to think they weren't coming, nope - they decided to show up at 11:30 a.m. today. Now if I stay here for lunch I will have a lunch full of interruptions and noise from the whirring of the floor polisher etc. So my peaceful lunch with a tin of Alphagetti(Don't ask...pms) and my knitting were now on hold. I would have to eat lunch at home very quickly and get back here in time.

Now of course I left my nutritious Alphagetti at work and I needed something quick to have for lunch. Well how about a lovely bowl of Muffets, sounds absolutely wonderful. I am the queen of cereal after all. So I prepare a nice bowl of muffets and sit down for lunch. First taste, yuck! What's wrong with my cereal? So I brilliantly take a sip of just the milk - ok something is really not right - next step is to smell the milk. Now there's the culprit the darn milk is sour. My stomach churns as I think of the whole bowl of steel oats I ate. DH tries to soothe things with the whole 'it didn't curdle our tea this morming' bit. Now that's true but still the thought...yuck! Now that was a first, sour milk. Usually our milk isn't around long enough to think not for a second about turning. I guess I won't buy milk again from there and it was .40 more to boot.

So of course I don't think the day will be any worse until DH begrudingly tells me that a meeting he was hoping wouldn't be on tonight had been scheduled and he has to go out. I don't know what the rest of the day will bring but DH is convinced the best thing to do is to lock me in my room with my knitting - hey that sounds pretty darn good!

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  1. Somehow I had a premonition about that milk! That sounds like one of the days around here! I hope it got better.