Tuesday, February 27, 2007

When a Scone is just a Scone

Yesterday I brought some lovely Scones to my ladies meeting. They were quite delicous and everyone enjoyed them thoroughly. Several of the ladies asked me for the 'secret' ingredient they assumed I had used to make them so special.

I think the confusion came when they kept referring to my lovely scones as biscuits.....yikes! Biscuits and scones are two completely different things. If you are expecting a biscuit to taste like a scone you have another think coming. Biscuits are very simple fare - flour, baking powder, salt, oil, but in their own right they are quite good and versatile. They not only make a good breakfast but they can be served with a nice stew at dinner time. A Scone is much more rich, a lot more like a pastry as it generally calls for shortening and cream as well as the usual ingredients.

Anyways, the scones turned out fabulous. I brought some nice raspberry jam with no pectin and a bit of butter - they were lovely with a hot cup of tea.

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