Monday, March 05, 2007

Beach Party

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Well in my last post, I gave you a delicious treat - I hope you didn't eat too many as it's time to break out that swim suit and go to the beach! I figure we've all probably had enough of winter by now. I know I sure have - it's still freezing here and it's already let's warm it up a bit.
Now for that perfect swim suit - my vote is for.

Now that we have a swim suit let's buy some shoes - I love a good reason to buy some shoes.

These will do the trick, a nice pair of Skecher's. I'm going to need a pedicure for sure!

Now the bar is open what would you like to drink?Long Island Iced Tea


Strawberry Daiquri

Pull up a chair
Enjoy that ice cool beverage the cabana boy just brought you, grab your favorite book

Make sure you use some sunblock the forecast for today is a balmy 85 degrees!

Thanks for stopping by the beach to say hi, I hope you had a great visit!

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  1. Hi, just stopping by for the Party! And thanks for the trip to the beach!

    Please stop by and visit me at (not my Blogger account). I have fun exploding bubbles and educational videos all week!