Friday, March 16, 2007

Dreaming Big

Over at Amy's place she's been posing a question of the day. Today was if you could be in the Guiness book of world records what would you be in it for. That's a very good question, and I of course dreamt big with my reply.

Speaking of dreaming, I tend to strive to reach for what always seems like the impossible. When I was first introduced to the internet I met some lovely people who taught me how to use Paint programs to make my own custom Avatars! Wow, that was something. That was my first foray into the www land, chatting on Excite.

Since then I've always seemed intrigued with the next current thing. For a long time I made my own Outlook stationery and I had a couple of websites dedicated to this hobby. I enjoyed it thoroughly, I love playing with Paint Shop Pro. In my dream world I would be trained as a Graphic Artist, wow that would be something.

Well It's been just over a year now that I've been in this blogging world. I never, ever thought I'd be a blogger. For a long time I had no idea what it even was. Then I saw DH blogging and I began to read other peoples blogs, and then I was hooked.

So now that I have really gotten the hang of blogging it's time for me to once again stretch myself. I now have to figure out how to get a fancy shmancy looking blog. I know I can teach myself how to do it, after all I didn't let now knowing HTML prevent me from my previous hobbies of stationery design and making my own web page - however archaic they seem nowadays!

So folks I am going to dream big, I'll work hard and hopefully within the next few months I'm able to pull off some fancy shmancy looking blog page. That's my goal for the spring/summer months.

I've decided to use a free skin for now from Free Blogger Skins. Hopefully I'll be able to design my own.


  1. Holy Moley! You've ALREADY got a great new look! Now I'm soooo jealous. You'll have to coach me too. ;o)

    I didn't realise you even knew where your stationary site was anymore. That's pretty cool too! You're a pretty amazing woman!

  2. Nah, I just got a free one for now. I'm going to figure it out though, you know me!

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love the look of yours, I have no knowledge of HTML, thus the standard background:-) I am thinking of learning to knit...just have to find the time. I'll stop by to visit again soon!