Sunday, March 25, 2007

Gratis Yarn!!

Well a little while back I was attempting to make myself a sweater. I went to my LYS to get all the yarn I'd need to make it. I began it and worked like crazy - soon it was time to change balls, wouldn't you know it the Bernat yarn I had bought all at the same time had a shade difference. This was no dye lot yarn so I was a bit confused. My sis in BC was making herself the same sweater and only had the neck to do when she ran out of yarn - she reached in to get her next ball and it didn't match. Thankfully for her, she found one more ball in her stash that did match.

As for me, I decided to contact Bernat as I've always enjoyed using their yarns and I wanted to know how to be assured of getting matching yarn to complete this project. Apparently they've had to switch suppliers and since then their colour matching has not been extremely accurate. It was suggested that I buy balls that all had the same number stamped on them, as this indicates that they were made the same day.

Of course I was a bit grumpy and decided to put away the project for now. I then got an email from Bernat telling me that they wanted to send me some complimentary yarn. I figured they'd send me a couple of different sample balls of their different yarns.....nope! They sent me in the mail 15 balls of the exact yarn I had a problem getting here in town. That is enough to make the entire project! I am thrilled to bits! I had always held out faith in their company and when I started the Ripple Afghan for DD, I did again buy their yarn, but this time it was their Bernat Satin. I have not yet been disappointed and after their wonderful customer service, I will continue to be a loyal shopper. I have had some time to think about my sweater choice and instead of doing the pattern that my Sis did, I am going to do the Einsten Sweater - as I've already made one for my nephew and I'm really drawn to that design.


  1. Your blog will inspire me..I sooo want to learn how to knit or crochet..I have found a few places that have classes and I have not had time to check it out.

    have you read the Shop on Blossom street by Debbie Macomber? I think all knitters should read this!

  2. I'm glad you are inspired - I get so exicited about knitting and crochet.

    The Sally Melville - the Knit Stitch book is great for showing all the steps needed in knitting - and you can find many good tutorials online - but a good class would be a great way to begin.

    I absolutely loved A Shop on Blossom Street - I could barely put it down when I was reading it. I loved how the desire to knit brought those ladies together - even one who was doing it begrudingly at first.

    I am behind in my Cedar Cove series - I have to read the 6th one and I see she is coming out with the 7th one this summer....yay!

  3. That's nice to know about Bernat, I will let my aunt know. I was in Michael's tonight to pick up a wreath to make the easter egg wreath and started picking up the discount yarn for scarves. But I was able to walk away without buying any, especially since I have bag right next to me with 1/2 a scarf done.

    Where do you find the time to blog and knit?

  4. Yeah, I was pretty happy about Bernat's response too - as I love using their yarn.

    I love to knit and crochet and I usually am doing that while I watch tv in the evening - and I blog at!

    Have you made an Easter Egg wreath before? I've always wanted to do that.