Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Honestly how honest is too honest?

Truly how honest is too honest? Do you correct the clerk if he/she gives you the incorrect change, even if it's in your favor? If you get charged less for a dinner out, do you mention it to the waiter/ress? Have you ever got home and found something you didn't purchase by mistake and had to take it back?

Sometimes I often wonder what people think when you do some of these things. As a clerk from the past, I would always appreciate someone mentioning if I had given them the wrong change, especially if I had given them too much. That plays a huge part in how well I am doing as a cashier. I don't think it happened more than once to me.

Well the other day I had an interesting situation. I had gone to FabricLand to buy buttons for some hanging tea towels I am currently knitting(pics to follow). Now they were crazy busy as it was a Saturday and everyone seemed to be out shopping.

I spent a few minutes looking over the options they had for unique buttons and eventually I settled on a pair of gold colored teapots and some plain pink ones. There really didn't seem to be a whole lot of what I was looking for.

As I stood there trying to make other buttons appear that would be of more interest, I had a couple of ladies pass by. The aisle wasn't that spacious and I ended up bumping into the button rack and causing a package of buttons to fall off the rack. I quickly put the package back and proceeded to the cashier to pay for my tiny purchases.

Well I ended up feeling a little sheepish yesterday morning. I was cleaning out my purse to find some tissues and lo' and behold I find a package of buttons at the bottom of my purse that I didn't buy! They looked familiar from FabricLand, that's when I remembered being bumped into and things falling...oh my! I now had items that I didn't pay for.

As you can guess I hightailed it back there after work yesterday. The whole time I'm trying to think how I can do this without looking like a fool. So I spend sometime preparing the perfect speech in my head. Somehow that all left me when I was standing at the counter trying to explain to this less than interested cashier as to why I am bringing back buttons. All I could come up with is "I found these in my purse, I didn't mean to buy them. They must have fallen in my purse so I am bringing them back". I barely stammered these few words out so I could quickly make my great escape!

Back in my car safe and sound, I asked DH if I did the right thing. He assured me that I did, but why did it feel so weird?

Anyway, I ended up heading to Michael's and do they have buttons - boy do they ever! You can get all kinds of buttons - watering cans, corn, baby booties and so much more. I picked up the cutest buttons - they are all flowers and I think a package of 8 cost me $3.49, so they were a lot cheaper than those at the fabric store and they were exactly what I was looking for.


  1. oh too funny that they actually felt INTO your purse! good for you for going back! I find I feel soooo great after these test of honesty! :)

  2. Good for you! That's so hard to do.

  3. Now that is totally refreshing to read. I am sure it did feel awkward because we live in such a dishonest world, honesty seems strange. Good for you!