Saturday, March 24, 2007

Popped and popping mad!

Firstly I am just thrilled as I a little blogger can be check out J's Thoughts & Musings to see why. Thanks Jenny! I'm glad that my blog is somewhere you want to visit again. I am very thankful to Amy for her contest - it has helped me get out and find more wonderful blogs to read.
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After 30+ years I've discovered something so easy I should have been able to figure out -but I never even knew it was a possibility.

What is it, I hear you all ask in excited breaths?

Well silly, it's microwave popcorn that is made without buying the fat filled convenience packets that you buy at the store. Yep, I'm not even joking. Who knew it could be so simple. If you like making popcorn in the microwave you should give this a shot. You place 1/4 cup of popcorn(any kind you normally buy) into a paper lunch bag - fold the bag over a few times and put it into the microwave. Now some microwaves are conveniently equipped with a 'popcorn' setting. In my machine it took 2 min 2 seconds - you also get more of the popcorn being popped than in the store bought packets. You can melt a bit of butter or whatever you like to use and top with salt or some flavored seasonings.
Now I can't take the credit for this, I had the time to read a Canadian Living magazine while I had my hair done, this tip was in their April 2007 issue.

Hair Experience
Well I am having a nice Saturday. I finally caved and went to the Salon and had my hair colored. I haven't had a regular stylist since I had a falling out with my old one over my daughter's perm incident - let's just say it was a bad experience and I had expected a bit more professionalism from her. Sooooooooo, I want to have my grey washed away before Easter and I don't really want to continue to go to the bother of getting a home kit and having DH help me. As I'm excited to have it done by someone else and I don't really know where to go with last minute notice(I'm spontaneous like that)! I meandered down to First Choice Hair salon - it's kind of a discount super cheap hair cut place, but I figured they'd have the space with short notice. Oh they did have the space. First I was subjected to a strand test to make sure my hair wouldn't spontaneously combust, with all that store bought color on it. After signing my life away that I wouldn't sue them if something like this should happen - she assures me I'll be ok!

I sit in the chair sweating bullets as she began the two step process to give me some nice brown hair and a few tiny blonde highlights. Each step is explained to me in great detail, from the reason she is doing the foils in the way she is to 'I'm just going to clean this color of your forehead ears'. I felt like I was at a hair seminar. Well she finally finished it and gave me a 'slight' trim. It's now time to pay - keep in mind that I am leaving the salon with my hair still wet - no style or anything and I got about 6 - 8 foils put in - the cost at the end of it all a whopping $96 smackeroos! YOWCH, I painfully passed her my Visa - signed my life away and drove home wondering what on earth I had been thinking. I know the cost isn't high for the work done in a salon - but sheesh I could have gone to any other salon and I would have at least left with my hair styled. Thankfully it was a nice hot day here and not 40 below 0!

Note to self - find a better hairdresser that you can trust and make sure it's an all inclusive kind of deal.

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  1. I love the popcorn tip, and may just try it out. But, I can probably burn it in a microwave. I'm capable of worse destruction. Thanks for sharing the tip.
    As one who long ago bit the bullet to go to a stylist to wash away the gray, I can commiserate. But, for me it's just something I have to justify. Since I work for myself, I know that the price of the styling is reasonable, so I rarely least not to her. I don't want my hair to be purple.