Monday, March 19, 2007

Rippling my way to peacfulness...

that's what I intend to do in the next little while. I've joined up at the Ripple Along and I plan on making a ripple afghan for my daughter. She loves outrageous colour combinations and she's asked me for an afghan that had many colours. I think she'll love this - I'm going to start in April and have it done for her by Christmas. I'll have to work in secret, because as soon as I pick up a ball of yarn both my 17 yo son and my daughter ask me what I'm making. I'll post pics after I get it started, I'm excited to see the progress and how creative I can get to make it pop for my 14 yo!

Just yesterday evening I was rolling some yarn into a nice convenient ball and my DS came into my room and he was wondering what I'm doing and why it was that I felt the need to roll the yarn since it's already in a ball. I explained that it's much easier to use it when it's in a round ball rather than the skein they come wrapped in. That seemed to satisfy his curiosity - as for the project I told him my usual secretive response of 'oh I'm just fiddling around'.

One year I knit his Christmas scarf each morning as DH and I drove him to school each day. He was clueless, but it's not always that easy to surprise loved ones who live at home with these little treasures.

I still want to work on my knitted towels and of course my dish cloths(those things are the best ever). I've never had dish cloths last like these ones do, and they're so pretty. I need to have several projects to keep me busy and interested and of course I need my travel projects of which the dish cloths are perfect for. I love to knit on my lunch break and in the car. I'm still pretty excited about having a contest to give away a set of a kitchen towel and dish cloths. Don't forget to leave a comment if you're interested in participating. The contest will probably be pretty simple but I haven't thought of what to do yet - I'll even take suggestions of that as well, don't be shy!

Here is a picture of my first ripple that I did. I made it for my queen size bed and somehow I got the measurements wrong and it really only ever covered the top. Oliver is snuggled up to it, he loved that much so that he chewed a hole in it Twice! He's lucky that it never fit perfectly as it took me ages to work on as it was all done in single crochet. I guess after I finish up with my daughter's I'll have to make one for our bed again. He's a pretty spoiled pup and he didn't even get scolded for his mistake - I mean look at him, he's so adorable!

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