Thursday, March 15, 2007

Thursday Thirteen - Signs of Spring!

Thirteen Signs that you're sure Spring is just around the corner!

13. Hubby loads his golf clubs into the trunk of the car.

12. You actually want to wash windows, dust every nook and cranny. Death to all the dust bunnies!

11. Every where you look, Puddles!

10. Ants, yes ants, I just had one in my office!

9. The teenagers are now wearing their summer clothes.

8. The delicious aroma of bbqing!

7. And to follow the bbq, some ice cream! Yes my fav ice cream place opens each March. This is a real sign that spring has arrived. Mmmmmmmmm ice cream!

6. The parks are filled with people of all ages walking, even though there are puddles everywhere, and the dog needs a bath each time we go out.

5. Rain, yes rain! It wouldn't be a good spring without some rain.

4. Bike Riding - on my Classic Schwinn! I'm such a geek.

3. Puppy Love - it's everywhere believe me! Everywhere I go couples are walking hand in hand or while cuddling - it's so cute!

2. Garden shops are open in all your favorite big box stores. It's time to plan out the flower beds and buy the latest in outdoor accessories.

1. And finally - Spring Flowers!!!

Happy Spring Everyone! I hope this got you all excited for the coming changes in weather. I know I for one can't wait to get the bbq out and have my first glass of wine cooler in the back yard!


  1. 11. Everywhere you look, Puddles!

    11 (a) Under every puddle is a big pothole!

    We are at the puddles/potholes/dirty snow & sand and gravel stage. But I saw a little bit of green grass today!! And the sun is shining.


  2. Oh absoultely! Pothole should have been my #1!

    Sun is shining here today too - snow is melting like crazy...yay! :)