Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Thursday Thirteen - What's going on with Idol

Although I am a Canuck - I am a big fan of American Idol. I think what is happening right now with these people who are voting the best off to mess with the show is just ridiculous. I've managed to find some funny clips of a parody and some clips of the ones who should have been around longer than Sanjaya. I hope you enjoy the little American Idol montage, of 13 different videos all with the same message - send Sanjaya home.

He really does sound this bad!

What is up with the voting - is it about talent are will you let it turn into a joke! Their are real people with REAL talent going home!

Just a little humour and maybe a bit of advice for all you men who wish you could sing but sadly cannot. If you want to make your dreams come true in the singing industry, you must check this out!

When will these people at Vote 4 the wwourorst . com (yes I spelled it wrong on purpose) realize that they are just hurting the contestants feelings. I am not a Malakar fan, but I don't feel that what they are doing to him is fair.

His original audition! What were they thinking. Near as I can figure, he was in with his sister who sang a lot worse and for whatever reason - slow day of good contestants or whatever - he actually sounded good in comparison.

What were Randy and Paula thinking!!!!! That's right, Sanjaya is being voted for by all the little teeny boppers of America - is he?

Could this be how?

Instead A. J. went home!

And Nick!

And Sabrina!

And Sundance!!!

And what happened with Brandon!

And even Stephanie - I'll admit her last performance was a little warbly - but that girl can sing!

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  1. Oh how I hear you sister!!! I have had EEEEnough of him and his hair.

    Time to go Eanjaya.

  2. I don't get it either. Sanjaya is not in the same league with Lakisha or Melinda or Jordin. It is a mockery for him to be getting enough votes to stay on the show.
    Thanks for coming by my T13.

  3. know I meant

  4. I cannot see your things here. My job blocks a lot of stuff. But I agree with you. Take a look at my LJ, I talked about Sanj too.

  5. I've never seen "idol" but I love it how passionate that you are about this show, and about this Sanjaya freak.
    Thanks for visiting our TT @
    Purrchance To Dream!

  6. I'm not an idol fan, but sometimes I can't look way--like a train wreck.

  7. Ah, God. Just when I was getting over Nick...

    I think Haley's the one that bothers me most. At least we understand why Sanjaya's still there.

  8. Hi,

    I am Canadian too and am addicted to American Idol( I watch the Canadian one too)

    I loved seeing Gwen Stefani this week she is so cool.

    It seems there is some kind of conspiracy this Howard Stern is getting all his fans to vote for Sanjaya...did you know that?

    I love Lakeisha, Blake, Melinda I think theya re so so talented and Jordin too is shining!

    My TT list is a list of questions I am really interested ina bout art and the home and deocr.

    I hope you have time or interest to pop by my blog and do a little "mini-survey" I need more info and HELP!!

    I also think you might have fun with the questions? Hopefully?

    Here is my TT list:

  9. I just can't get over the ponytail mo-hawk. It was TOO funny when Ryan came out in a wig one thought:-)

  10. OMG!!!! the fact that this kid's still on AI just proves how dysfunctional america has become!!! i guess howard stern has got something to do with Sanjaya's popularity!!! and i noticed he's starting to be cocky, too!!! sigh!!!

  11. maybe its because they know the show needs some controversy because they are really one 3 good singers on it?

  12. Very creative!!
    I played too :-)

  13. I'm not a big Idol fan, nor do I watch it religiously, but I am astounded as to why he's still on the show!

    Thanks for stopping by! :) Happy TT!

  14. so funny! i know, i just can't believe he's still there, i hate this!! loved the 'house of sanjaya' video, that was hilarious. anyway, time to endjaya!

  15. I can't even watch it anymore. He should never have been put through Hollywood. Maybe they'll think twice next time they try to tweak it too much.

    Thanks for stopping by my TT.