Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Admin Professional Day - Lab Tech Week

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I want to clarify for y'all what a Administrative Professional is - to tell the truth I was unsure of it myself and I am one. Well I guess in the last few year's the re-named what I had always known as Secretary day to Administration professional day. I guess it's a bit more fitting as we do a lot more than what some of our older titles say i.e. receptionist, secretary, office assistant and on and on. Basically we are the people in the offices around the world that handle all the administrative stuff.

My job is a bit different as I work for a Church so I handle the weekly bulletin, Sunday offerings, payroll, paying the bills and the accounting entries, taking hall reservations, preparing sacrament certificates and entering sacraments into the registry, and the list goes on. So today is the one day that is set aside to thank people for these jobs as generally they're not high paying jobs and there is a lot of workload - the flip side is I work at a church and my work environment more than makes up for the lower pay.

A big yell out to all you Lab Tech's this week too! I don't know if you get enough recognition for what y'all do or not! I was first reminded of Lab Tech week from J's Thoughts and Musings - she's a lab technician and she's written some informative posts about what she does. Then on the way to work today the RedCross had sign out front for Administrative Assistant's and Lab Tech's so I had another reminder that they are also having a special week. So a big Happy Lab Tech Week to all of you!!!!! Thank you for all you do!


  1. I didn't even realize what day it was 'till I got a gift basket from my boss and he took me to lunch. How nice, huh?!

    Happy Secretaries day to you! ;)

  2. "The average Catholic's and non-Catholic's expereince of what they think the church is about is relayed through the local parish. Here the pastor is more significant than the pope, the sister than the cardinal, and the secretary than the bishop..."

    I think that pretty much summs up how important you are to us! happy Administrative Professional's Day LW!


  3. You folks are the one's who make the world keep turning! Well, at least the business world and the medical world in Jen's case. Thank you from those of us who depend on you!

  4. What a great post, it is nice to hear what people do when they aren't blogging.
    I do like the title, Administrative Assistant, better than Secretary, you do so much more than filing.

    Thank you for the mention!