Sunday, April 29, 2007

Blog Silence

Several of you bloggers out there already know, but if you don't tomorrow is a Silent Blog day in to remember those who lost their lives in the Virginia Tech massacre. So many people loves their lives for such senseless reasons - one minute their life is going about as normal and mundane as can be.

~M, wakes up late for class and scrambles to get all her stuff ready before she heads for class. On the way out the door the phone rings, its mom just a quick call about Dad's birthday party on the weekend coming up. M, barely has time to talk and no time for even a quick 'I Love You''. Sadly M, gets to school without being further delayed. Extremely tired she stops for a quick cup of coffee from a vending machine and heads to class. That's the last time M's mother will ever speak to her - later that morning someone with an extremely serious mental condition goes on a rampage killing M and several others. M's life full of potential and endless possibilties is cut short, among several others this sad and horrifying day. ~

This keeps running through my head - it's a fictional scenario - but one that really pulls at my heart and makes my heart ache for all the families affected by this tragedy. Anytime someone is taken from this life due to a horrendous criminal act - it's senseless.

For all victims and their families who have had to deal with any senseless tragedy this day is set aside for you. Today I will light a candle and say some prayers for all the souls whose lives have been cut short due to such senselessness and the families whose lives that have been torn apart.


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  2. Unfortunately that scenerio probably happened...

    (I see that you removed a comment...I hope it wasn't that horrible person who's spammed everyone else with this type of post using terrible language!)