Thursday, April 12, 2007

New Links To Return To - Link Love

Link Love was started from Shelly at the Eclectic Life. I was tagged by this link love from Jenny and I'm just getting to it. Life has been hectic here since Easter but today I took some time to visit a few of the TT'ers and check out their site beyond their TT posting. Here is what I found. Now I don't know how to make this link love appear like Shelly and Jenny but I hope you'll still visit the people below - they have some good sites.

1. Writer Cramps - She lives in Belgium with her husband and 4 cats who provide her with lots of stories and picture ops. She paints beautiful pictures and she loves cats - check out her paintings to see what I mean. She's even involved with cyber-cruises, and they sound like a lot of fun.

2. Skittles Place - This is a great blog to make you laugh! I was laughing out loud at my desk...good thing I have an office to myself. Needless to say I'll be heading on back.

3. Books. Lists. Life. - The first thing I noticed was that we are part of the same CAl - Ripple Along. So we have crochet and reading incommon and I love her lists!

4. Crazy Working Mom - She's got some great ww photos and some meme's, plus she loves to read and I just loved her post about Ass Hat Awards that she dedicated to Circuit City after their layoff extravaganza....a definite good read.

5. Yellow Rose Garden - She has a beautiful blog template! Also she's made some wonderful TT headers for you to use. I nosed around a bit and found myself very captivated with her posts so I'll be going back for more visits.


  1. Hey, thanks for showing me some link love! :)

    Please do come back when you get the chance.

  2. Thank you very much that you choose me for the link love ! That's already the 3rd time and I am very flattered ! It really makes me happy when people like to read my posts !

  3. Good job of posting, girl. Thanks for carrying on the love.

    (I wish your blog allowed me to sign on with my real address!)