Sunday, April 01, 2007

Palm Sunday

Well recently I blogged about being thankful to God for giving me the strength to consider being a narrator for the Passion reading on Passion Sunday.

I had this strong desire to call up the lady in charge of the Lectors of our parish and ask her if she had a Narrator for the Passion on Palm Sunday. At this point, she had yet to consider anyone for the different positions and she was thrilled that I was volunteering as she generally has to call a lot of lectors before she finds anyone who is willing to do any of these readings. After a long talk and a few comforting emails back and forth, I felt sure that I was doing the right thing.

Keep in mind that only a few months prior to doing this, I could barely lector if there was more than 3 paragraphs. Soooooo, I practiced at the rehearsal and after the rest of the lectors left I continued reading until I felt comfortable doing so. I felt like I had this all under control - but of course there was that little part of me that was nervous that I would flop once I got up there, and this was not the day to do it - not at all. For one thing, it is such a holy day and the lady in charge of lectors would be attending the mass that I was lectoring at.

I have to say that I woke up today with complete confidence in my ability to narrate the Passion. When we got to church our pastor pulled me aside and asked me to not read too slowly, he felt that the lady who narrated at the evening mass prior had read too slowly and today we had another mass to follow. Of course I am thinking - gee, how fast will I read...will I read too fast and upset the person in charge of lectors, or will it go slowly and I will disappoint our pastor.

Thank goodness I managed to somehow read it at just the right speed. I really felt at ease doing this reading and I truly felt Gods presence with me as I did so. After I got back to my pew from receiving communion and I knelt in prayer this refrain was running through my head....(Thank you, thank you, thank you Lord). It is really through His strength that I was able to do this and I am very thankful for it.

The rest of the Mass was just beautiful and more than a few times I was so moved that I felt tears forming. How I could keep from being moved during the singing of the song (Were you There.....were you there, when they crucified my Lord, Were you there when they nailed him to the tree.....Ohhhhhhh Oh, sometimes it causes me to tremble, tremble....tremble). It is a very moving song.

I feel like I am in the right frame of mind to enter into this Holy Week and I look forward to all the celebrations, prayer services and Adoration that will be a part of it.

If you would like a nice prayer to say to help you prepare yourself to begin Holy Week, I invite you to pop over to my other blog LogCabin Catholic.

Tonight we will settle in with the family and watch the (Jesus) movie - we watch it until the part where Jesus dies on the cross and resume watching it on Easter Sunday once Jesus is resurrected. It is one of our Easter Traditions.

I wish you all a blessed Holy Week!

Thanks to Amy for the great fun that her contest provided! I really enjoyed the questions, reading others responses and of course discovering all those new blogs to read. Now, if I can just find more hours in the!

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