Saturday, April 14, 2007

Picture Perfect?

I wonder if I'll ever have a state of perfection in our house. Now don't get me wrong - the place isn't a disaster zone, well not unless you include my kids rooms. I'm pretty sure they're growing some pretty interesting life forms in their rooms. This is a no win siutation. I can have my daughter clean for an entire day and then the next day it's like no one has cleaned in eons. Such is life with teenagers!

Things that get me frustrated are coats being dropped on the floor, toothpaste spewn across the mirror and I don't know who decides to paint with it on the counter but sheesh!

No my home is not immaculate. If company is coming over I do have to get in gear and make it 'visitor friendly' but it's not a pig pen, but it's not a museum either. When we have people over I don't want them to be afraid to sit on the furniture or drink a beverage. I want to feel at ease and I want others to feel at ease also.

We all know people that have these kinds of houses and to me they are so uncomfortable. They have everything in its place and there is no sign that the house has ever been in any state of messiness. A picture perfect home will never be mine. Our house is our home and therefore it's got a lived in look and feel to it. I will not try to make my home look like a photo in a magazine. I don't want to know that I spent all my free time with a swiffer when I could have been outside walking the dog, playing cards with the kids or even having a family movie night.

No my friends, life is too short for me to spend it like Mrs. June Cleaver. I want to 'live' life to its fullest and for me that means getting outside and seeing the world and if the sink has some toothpaste in it I say who cares!

What do you say? Is an immaculate home your top priority, or do you live with a little bit of mess so that you can do other more important things? Speak out, I want to know what the general consensus is on this. For now I'm going to go upstairs and prepare some homemade pizza and we'll have a family movie night and watch the new Charlotte's Web.


  1. Well, my main floor is okay. Easy enough to clean for people coming over. Now my boys' rooms, especially my my middle one's room is disgusting. However, he is stubborn and very independent. Since everything else is controlled for him, we(my husband) let this go. If he chooses to live like that...I just walk by. I am not a bed maker and I do allow clothes to pile up in my room, but every weekend, everything gets picked up in my room. Overall, I would say we are okay.

    I have seen the extremes in houses and I like mine just fine! A little clutter here and there.

    PS- My dad says that around the sink speaks volumes as to overall housekeeping. Since he used to be an appliance repairman, I figure he knows what he is talking about. And then my mom says, children grow up too fast to spend too much time cleaning and not enough time with them. So I live by my parent's words

  2. Amen Sister!
    I come from a line of dutch folk who have immaculate homes. I guess I'm the black sheep who breaks the mould.
    When guests come over my house is neat and tidy, but typically it's got a little mess here and there, and I don't mind it one bit.
    How can you live in a house with two children, an not let some things'd be forever cleaning, and like you said, wouldn't be enjoying some of the more important things in life...

  3. Mine isn't immaculate, but I enjoy seeing things calm and in place. Except my office. Now, there's a spot that could use a bit of work.

  4. I completely agree with you, perfection isn't going to happen around here! With all 3 of mine 5 and under, I am in a constant state of picking up/vacuuming/sweeping. I am trying to get them to pick up all of there toys at 3 different times in the there isn't so much to make them overwhelmed. They are finally starting to learn where things go...and getting faster! I was feeling buried in toys, but they actually play with most all of them, so I don't want to give them away just yet. I bought some 22 gallon tubs to use as toy boxes and they are working, so far. That is our biggest Otherwise, it stays fairly clean. DH gets home around 5, so I spend at least an hour from 4-5 making sure the floors are swept/vacuumed and the clutter picked up so he doesn't come home to a mess:-)

  5. Thank you all so much for sharing.

    I guess I sould clarify a bit. I do indeed like a neat and tidy house but with 2 teenagers intent on keeping it a disaster it's a continuous battle to keep it that way.

    For this reason I've decided to not let it get to me too much. One day they won't be living at home and I'll miss the toothpaste in the sink and the coats and shoes all over the place(maybe). For now I guess I'll learn to live with some messiness...and enjoy being with the family. I am so blessed to have kids who actually want to spend time with us - on the weekend my 17 yo and I went for an 1 1/2 hour walk together - it's nice!

  6. I really love the comic at the top of this post! I definitely live with a little bit of mess, there is no way my home could me a museum. Although sometimes I wish it was.

    Thanks for checking out my blog!

  7. Hey, Tea. I love the cartoon at the top, too. And, this post was great. My momma's theory was that when the kids grow up, or people come to visit, they won't remember years from now whether the house was clean or not. What they will remember is: did they have fun?
    Thanks for reminding me of that, since I have company coming tonight (lol!)