Friday, April 13, 2007


Sighing a huge sigh of relief that this work week has come to an end......*sigh*! From the person who called me up to complain that it's my fault that they missed Easter mass because they only listened to part of my telephone message and they don't know that we never have a 5 p.m. mass on Holy Saturday to the seemingly kind gentlemen who snapped completely when a mistake was made in the Easter memoriam insert - I was and still am very sorry for any mix up this has cause but please give a girl a break, I am not perfect! Going home was no escape - DH and DD were both violently sick with the flu and I was so worried that I myself would come down with it - so far so good.

What you may ask is life like for a Church secretary? Well for most of the year it's quite hectic - the phone rings constantly for a simple request to the most bizarre. I enter in all the donations that we receive each Sunday and balance and post that in our Church software. Then it's time to prepare the bulletin(of which some typo always seems to grab so much attention and a few select few make sure I am aware of such error), and the Intercessory prayers for the weekend. I also prepare all baptism certificates for current baptisms and updated ones for all the people getting married. I also pay all the bills and enter all of our income and expense into our accounting software. Welcoming new parishioners seems to have fallen to me also, as our welcoming committee is pretty much non-existent. Yes life is busy most days, my office is a hubbub of activity - parishioners popping by for tea and we can get sidetracked for an hour at least. It's ok, it's all alright with my boss - he's not a clock watcher and as long as my work gets done, he has no problems. The only thing is that it makes the day more rushed and it's so hard to say ‘hey I have to work'! I feel like part of my job is of a pastoral sort and there are times when a parishioner just needs someone to listen and I guess I am a good listener.

The thing about being a secretary in a church is that for 10 months of the year you run off your feet - more so before Christmas and just about non-stop around Easter. Then comes Summer and it's like the world just stops....absolutely everything grinds to a halt, even including my tea visits from my dear friends. It's this time of the year when I wish I could bank time and put it away for weeks like I just had. I love the summer time, even though it's boring - I get caught up on stuff that just had to wait during the year. I've got my rainy day project of entering all the baptisms into our church database(just try deciphering all that handwriting) since we opened in 1955 to cleaning out the filing cabinet etc. But mostly it's just such an easy time to work - I can get in a bit of reading and still get all my work done and get caught up.

So after a week like this, I am excited to head home for a relaxing weekend. Our weather here has turned beautiful and I'm looking forward to taking Oliver for a nice walk in the park, maybe heading for a nice soft ice cream if the urge hits me.

Have a great weekend!


  1. I bet you ARE a good listener, Teamouse. That sounds like a very hectic job if you ask me. I hope your family gets over their flu & that you don't get it, too! Get out and enjoy some sunshine and ice cream. Thanks for changing your comment box :-)!
    Oh, I have a turkey platter already, just so you know...

  2. *Waving hands in the air* I don't have a turkey platter!!! :)

  3. I love your avatar--that's a Jack Sparrow picture if I'm not mistaken?