Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Thursday Thirteen - Goof Ups!

Thirteen goof-ups I've made at least once.

1. Baked a whole pumpkin pie, had it all dished up with the whipped cream and then the looks of horror as my family discovered I had forgotten to put sugar in the pie! Let's just say that pumpkin pie is pretty disgusting without sugar in it.

2. When I was 13 I decided I wanted blonde hair - got myself some Sun-In and sat outside and read a book. Well it did lighten my hair, but let's just say orange was not the color I was going for, unless I was planning on going to clown school....which I was not!

3. I decided it was time to get my drivers license - I had been driving for a year with my learners. Extremely confident I waltzed into the test office and proceeded to take the test in my boyfriend's Camaro - yep, I did fail. I can just imagine the conversation the instructor had with his comrades at coffee...."Can you believe it she just waltzes in here with a Camaro, all cocky and full of herself...I mean did she honestly think she'd pass."

4. I once started cooking a pot of stew and I had a bit of oil in the pot....*blush* ok a lot! I didn't have a lot of cooking experience. Well the oil got Hot, really really Hot! Next thing I knew the whole place was filled with smoke. It was so bad that I had to bundle up my son who was 2 mths at the time and go to my in-laws for the afternoon.

5. When I was 10, my friend and I were going to help out our town with garbage clean up around the town dump. We packed a lunch and started walking - and we walked and walked and we walked. We got to the dump and didn't see anyone we knew, turns out we walked to the city dump instead. We were very tired and just ended up eating our lunches.

6. This goes hand in hand with the dump - you see we were tired from all that walking we had walked a long way. My friend decided to hitch hike*gulp*! A city worker picked us up and drove us home. We both got such stern lectures I don't know which was scarier the ride or the wrath of my mom after she found out what I had done.

7. While DH was at work one day I decided to bbq the kids up some hot dogs for lunch. I had never used our propane bbq before but it didn't seem that difficult. I was ready to light the bbq when my neighbor came running out of the house 'you can't light the bbq after the lid has been closed and the propane on'....gosh knows what would have happened if she wouldn't have noticed me being a goofball!

8. I once told my DH to get off the bed or I'd close him in it. Well he kept lying there being lazy and I wanted to get some housework done. He was on an old hide-a-bed and yes I closed him inside. The problem - he got stuck. I couldn't even open it to pull him out. I had to very carefully reach for the phone and call the RCMP. When they arrived I had to let go of the last grip I had on the bed. When they arrived at the door asking where he was I pointed at the hide-a-bed and said "He's in there". I'll bet that gave the boys a bit of conversation for a few coffee breaks. Thankfully he was a PJ wearing man.

9. This is a mistake I often make - I put on a nice skirt or dress, rush out of the house and later on at the function I notice that I have major static cling. I can't walk without my whole dress clinging to me....horribly embarrassing!

10. Putting my foot in my mouth. I must find my feet very tasty. I have a bad habit of saying things like 'those seniors' etc. then I realize I am surrounded by people who are technically seniors...only I don't see them as seniors as they don't act like what I think a senior to be. I'll get the 'you know I'm a senior comment' and I feel soooooooo small! I can backpedal faster than you can say senior citizen.

11. Buying lipstick. I don't know why or what it is that I do wrong, but I never seem to buy the right lipstick for me. It looks great in the store, I shell out the cash....get home and try it on....and it's the wrong color. I'm always giving my sis a new lipstick that just doesn't work. I do the exact same thing with now I just use tinted moisturizer. How the heck am I supposed to know what shade my skin tone is!

12. Clothes shopping when I have PMS. For some reason at this time I am drawn to clothes shopping like bees to honey. I wear the item, wash it and then realize it is way too big....another one bites the dust.

13. Tonight I did it again - with my baking. I made a batch of scones. I realized when I got home that I was out of salt so I scooted off to the local store and picked some up. I worked away at my scones, had them all cut out and ready for the oven and then I saw it - the box of salt - just sitting there unopened and I realized I FORGOT THE SALT!!! Now I don't know what the salt was supposed to do as they seem to have turned out fine - they rose just right and they seem to taste just fine.

There you have it, just a few goof ups that I thought may give you a giggle or two!


  1. I did the pumpkin goof once also, but it was a bread. Hard as a rock!

    Somebody else posted their embarrassing moments in their 13. It's fun reading, because it makes us all human.

    The fold-up bed must be a legendary story in your family.

  2. These are hilarious! I once got a second degree burn from a baked pumpkin!

  3. Oh man, I remember Sun-In. I did the same thing. My parents wouldn't let me color my hair, so I persuaded them that Sun-In would just brighten it up. It was orange and when I tried to dye it back, it turned green.

    Good times...

  4. I remember sun-in and orange hair. . . ah to be young again!

    And, I often forget to look in the mirror before leaving the house in the morning for work - or else I'd notice that I have toothpaste on my chin, cheek or corner of my mouth. I blame it on being a working mom with a toddler. :)

  5. I didn't do it with sun in, but I tried to go blond and ended up orange. (I have LOTS of red highlights.)

    I once forgot to put the baking soda in the baking soda biscuits, the dog wouldn't even it it... YUCK

  6. Oh no you didn't.

    The bed story is the ultimate...Those cops must have been dying... of laughter. Whew..thanks Tea, that was a worthy read :)

  7. I don't mean to laugh at your little misfortunes, but those were hysterical! Every single one.

    Thanks for sharing them! Happy TT!

  8. Laugh away - they are meant to be laughed at. If you can't laugh at yourself, you'll end up grumpy!

    It alll goes easier as I eat my scrumptious!

  9. I dont feel so bad;)

  10. Oh ya I have the same problem I so clothes shop when I am PMSing.

    I never go when I'm not bloated, what's up with that.

    Great list. Happy TT, thanks for dropping by mine.

  11. Oh MY GOSH! Sweet Tea, you had me hysterically rolling on the floor! This is fantastic! I don't know how I missed this Thursday...yes I posted another on top of it, and I thought you didn't do the TT. Duh! I'm going to give this a plug before I shut up for tomorrow.

  12. Yeah sometimes I feel the need to double post - I have no idea why *blush*, I may have to get those 12 steps for blogger addiction yet if this keeps up31

  13. Locking in your DH in the hide bed is an idea I haven't had yet although my DH has also such a bed, lol ! It happened to me that I went out several times in my felt slippers I forgot to put my shoes on I didn't even realize until somebody told me !

    I saw your link at Shirley's blog for a very good TT so curious as I am I popped in here.

  14. I'm here by way of This Eclectic Life. Funny! You're husband in the hide a bed was a good one. Lesson learned for him I bet.