Thursday, April 19, 2007

Thursday Thirteen - Things about Saskatchewan

Here are several intersting things about Saskatchewan - ways to tell you are there and other unique facts.

1. You don't bother to pack your winter clothing away come summer, you never know when you'll need that favorite sweater. Seriously the only month we haven't had snow is July.

2. Shorts weather consists of anything above 20C - that for my American friends is a balmy 68F. Summer is short in Saskatchewan and we make the best of it.
3. We protect the Canadian Goose - in fact these poo machines are so protected that if you kill one you could get jail time. In the spring we are often subjected to stop for a 'goose crossing' as they travel to and forth.

4. A Saskatchewan Mountain - yes it's possible take a look! Do you see it? That's our famous home grown mountain - who says you need mountains to ski.

5. Al Capone and his gang would travel by train to Moose Jaw, SK and run booze through underground tunnels during prohibition. These tunnels are used today for a booming tourist industry as people from all over come to see the tunnels come to life as actors re-enact and take you back in time to the days of Capone and the gang.

6. Come to Saskatchewan and never turn your clocks back or forward again. Yes, we leave our clocks on the same time year round.

7. Unlike our fake mountain we have on the prairies a point of land higher than Banff, Alberta...yes indeed in Cypress hills in the SW corner of our province it reaches 1392 metres. This is the highest point between Labrardor and the Rocky Mountains.

8. Home to over 100,000 lakes! Fishing is a big pasttime and many fly in camps in the North bring in many tourists from around the world.

9. The truth is out there...Numbers released by the Winnipeg-based Ufology Research Institute show Saskatchewan posted an all-time record of 98 reported UFO sightings, and Maidstone accounted for more than half of those reports. That’s a big chunk of the total 736 reported sightings across Canada.

10. There is a lake in Saskatchewan where it is impossible to sink. Lake Manitou near Watrous is so rich in minerals, that people float. It is said that the lake is three times saltier than the ocean. Early settlers took home barrels of the "healing" water. The Plains Indians used

11. Regina, Saskatchewan is home to the longest bridge over the shortest body of water.In 1929 when the depression hit - the government to create jobs had Wascana lake deepened using hand shovels and dump wagons they had enough dirt to make what is now known as Willow Island. OnNovember 10, 1930 the bridge was dedicated to the soldiers who lost their lives during World War I.
12.In 2003 this lake made history once again when a decision was made to drain the lake and deepen it. This was a huge project that went from fall to spring seeing a final finished project in 2005. To see the both the beauty of this lake and history in the makin as it's drained and deepened you can view this video . This urban revitalization was a historical project that made this beautiful man made lake and park even more beautiful to last for many more generations. More pictures of the process.Before
The End results

13. By the time you're done reading this you may need a cup of coffee so pull on over to Davidson, SK where they know coffee, I hope you're thirsty!


  1. Love the coffee thing!!!

  2. Great list!!!! Thanks for sharing those and the pics with us

  3. Lots of interesting information about Saskatchewan! I've never been there, but my mom has visited (she was born in Winnipeg) and her mom and dad met in Saskatoon!

    20°C is definitely shorts weather! Maybe that's a Canadian trait?

  4. Canada Geese overpopulate my town as well and we must suffer waiting for them to clear out from the middle of the road as well.

    Happy TT!

  5. Very interesting. Especially about the lake. What is the building behind it in the first picture?

  6. That is the Legislative Building as Regina is the capital city of the province.

    Here the provincial government has it's sessions.

  7. Have to admit, I know nearly nothing about Saskatchewan except I know how to pronounce Regina because I use to arrange shipping of trucks of steel doors to Canada and I think they went through Regina. This was interesting! Happy TT!

  8. Very cool...Liked the pic's.

  9. You have put together a great TT!! Lots of interesting facts..thanks! I'm with the coffee thing! lol!!

  10. What a great post, you should work for the Chamber of commerce of SK. You did a nice job with the pictures in the post.

    In Nova Scotia, my parent's neighbor starts complaining about the heat when it gets to 75.

  11. Wonderful post and sooo interesting for me ! I always love to read about other countries and see pictures ! Blogs for that a great because you see completely different things then in the usual travel prospects !

  12. Sounds like a great place to live, especially if you don't like hot summers!