Monday, April 23, 2007


How does it happen when your body starts transforming itself and you don't even think you've done much to deserve it? Well that seems to be the case with me. In the last month I've really increased my walking and now I've begun to ride my bike too. I stepped on the scale and I am down to my lowest weight since last year when the DH and I went on a diet. I was very happy to see that, let me tell you! Then this morning I'm feeling all spunky and self confident after my 40K bike ride yesterday(and nope, I am not sore today....nope, nope, nope) - I was however sore last night. I could have really enjoyed my new bed last night. Anyway I decided to get the ol' tape measure out as the tape measure never lies. Turns out I lost an inch on my waist.

I think I've finally found out how transform myself. Exercise regularly, be careful what I eat and limit the snacking and voila - a shrinking TeaMouse! Honestly I haven't done anything that spectacular and yes the change is slow, but I am changing. I still eat my ice cream every now and again and once in blue moon we have chips too, although I don't like to do that too often as they don't seem to agree with my stomach. Maybe for me this is the way to do it, focus on moving and less focus on the eating and maybe, just maybe I will be transformed.

A couple of years ago, I was addicted to playing on the computer and rarely went outside. I can't even think of all the time wasted. When DH decided to give up the computer for Lent I thought he was insane - I told him he couldn't do it(of course this is because I didn't think I could do it). Yes it was hard, for the first few weeks. I did have the computer at work so I could blog and browse the www but no game playing. By the end of those 5 weeks I had actually kicked the computer habit. Now I go on once in awhile at home(not the whole weekend or every evening), but I am doing so much more - walking the dog, riding bikes, reading, knitting, crocheting and enjoying the yard. My skin actually has color and I am feeling so much better. I guess it was probably the best thing I ever did, as I didn't really realize what I was missing until I gave it up. For me the game playing was getting in the way of living a full and complete life. Let the transformation continue!


  1. Hey TeaMouse (LOVE your name). Thanks for stopping by my place. This post I just read has really hit me. I just started blogging and I am a bit too much on the computer right now. I know I can find the balance, but at this point I have not yet. And ... I am in need of a bit of transformation as well. Oh, you see, this one hit me hard. I'll come back to visit and see how it's going for you.

  2. I used to play a lot of games on the computer. It does become addictive and nonproductive. At least with blogging, I feel as if I am working on my writing skills, plus I enjoy "meeting" new people.

    I have been doing weight watchers since October and the weight loss is slow, but I have been doing more exercise. Glad to hear that you weren't sore today, all that exercise has paid off for you.

    Would you ever have thought that you would have to make the effort to not play on the computer? Here's to more reading, knitting and walking.

  3. No kidding! It's true about blogging, it's at least productive - for me even if all it was, was an journal it's nice to be able to look back and see what was going on and when and I've only been blogging for just over a year.

    I took our dog Oliver for a walk tonight and my legs were feeling it! I'll keep moving though.

  4. Good for you Sweet Tea! I'm thinking about getting some exercise. Maybe if you tell me often enough that it works, I'll try it!

  5. I fonud oug teh brst way to not senopd toomich time om teh copmoputr: do'nt trun on teh monitor! So now I probbly et out twoo mulch!

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