Thursday, May 31, 2007

13 Things About Being a Homeowner

1. If the toilet seat breaks or the handle falls off, there is no landlord to call. But on the other hand it's easy to get it fixed if you show your home handyman a little leg or give him a little 'wink'!

2. You can paint the walls any colour you like - however I wouldn't suggest painting a room all red. I still have nightmares from that experience. After we took out a loan to buy the last can of paint I passed out from the shock of it all. It looks great, good thing too because I am not about to be trying to cover it up anytime soon!

3. You get have to spend a lot of time outdoors. The first signs of spring means fertilizing the lawn and then quickly to follow is weeding as those pesky dandelions make their glorious appearance well before any self respecting flower pops its head up. They're just too cocky with their whole 'frost won't get me' attitude.

4. Making as much noise as allowed by the city bylaw!!! This must be a lot considering what we hear coming from outside. I didn't know youngin's still enjoyed blasting boom boxes on the front lawn as they hollered and caroused. Dogs bark at everything, yes everything! Our neighbors Rottweiler barks at leaves blowing by, cars 2 blocks away and cats 4 doors down. Damn that dog is good.

5. It's easy to spend money on the house. I can't tell you how many times the house has demanding some new accessory. It even calls to me as I go to Wal-Mart for a jug of milk. Maybe the house really does have a mind of its own.

6. Good Fences really do make good neighbors! I wish I could fence my entire yard to keep from having to look at my neighbors unpaved mud pile that she hasn't been able to replace since she had work done on her foundation. Privacy in the backyard is the best - I love being able to sip tea in my pj's under my gazebo.

7. We've become more power conscious since owning a home. We've been replacing the light bulbs with fluorescents. It's amazing how many light bulbs we have to buy - it seems like there are light fixtures everywhere! Also, flood lights burn out quickly. The dimmer function is nice but long lasting would be preferable.

8. We actually bought a carpet shampooer. We want to keep our carpets in good condition and clean. Nothing gets me madder than a stain on the carpet. When we first moved in I was so paranoid someone would spill something or damage something. They did too, it was me! I put a little hole in a wall carrying a chair upstairs. It's probably a good thing it was me as anyone else wouldn't be here to tell the tale now.

9. I feel more safe in our home than I ever did in our rented townhouse. Not weird true, but I was convinced that I'd feel so vulnerable without the close proximity(that's for you Shelly) of the neighbors. It's great to no longer have to hear the banging of the headboard coming from next door, mmmmm hmmmm!

10. No one comes by to randomly inspect the furnace and just look and then leave again, even though the furnace is filthy....thanks for confirming it guys! The smoke alarms still work, yes sir! Can you do something about the water that is slowly leaking into the basement? No ma'am!

11. People don't wander into my yard and take bikes, wagons or bbqs. They may pop in occasionally if they accidentally throw a ball in our yard, but otherwise it's our private domain.

12. We get to pay taxes to the city! I don't actually mind though, well not too much. Every time I take a book out of the library or take advantage of another city service I know that I have contributed to the maintenance of it and I'm proud to be a contributor to such great services.

13. The best part of owning our home is that we can now have a dog - he's great. Also no one can ever come in again and tell us any of our pets have to leave. Unless of course DH finally gets those chickens he's always wanted or our DD gets a pony finally. Otherwise it's all fine and dandy!

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  1. Owning a home means spending a lot of money on things that just don't make your life better...I mean, I know that I need to pressure wash my roof every now and then, but I can think of so many more fun things to do with that money!

  2. Hm.. owning my own home isn't looking so appealing now! Mine is up at Special K Family

  3. Heh heh heh...GREAT list. I loved it.

  4. Congratulations!
    Your list was fun to read.
    Terrific Thursday Thirteen!
    My TT is posted.
    Have a wonderful day!
    Happy TT'ing!
    (")_ (")Š

  5. Hilarious if not slightly frustrating owning a home. Great TT list as always!

  6. Owning a home is hard work...especially if your a single parent. Sometimes, apartments are just easier.....there are pro's anc con's to both:)

  7. The joys of home ownership are highly overrated in my opinion, Tea. Remember the movie "Money Pit?" Ours certainly is!

  8. Its nice not having "parents" lord over you what you can and can't have or do. But its expensive!!! And just like the kids, it always wants more and more money and time and things!

  9. This was a great list. I totally agree.

    (my bedroom is red, but I had it painted red when the house was built, so it wasn't any trouble on my part :))

    Also, #13 was a major contributing factor on why I decided to become a homeowner.

  10. I am all over #4. I'll never ever live with a neighbor right through the wall ever again. Great list and have a Happy Thursday.

  11. There was a time when I couldn't wait to have my own house. While, yes, it's our home and a part of me does love it, I am tired of taking water from the sewers (that I pay taxes for to be maintained), my roof blowing off in storms and generally something or other falling apart on a weekly basis. I guess it's half a dozen of one, six of the other.

    Sometimes I just think of the time we could spend together having fun if I didn't have to work overtime to pay for a new furnace. And the subsequent gas never ends!!!

    Happy TT
    Jessica The Rock Chick

  12. Despie a lot of those I'm still glad we own our home. ;-)
    My TT shares 13 things about the blue moon.

  13. I love owning our own home! I painted our walls pink! My husband still hasn't forgiven me but oh how I love it. :D

  14. Great list of things, and you saved the best for last. Oliver is definitely a cutie!

  15. Owning your own home and being able to say it's mine, makes it wonderful.

    Happy TT!

  16. Haha! So true. When something-or-other broke as I was moving into my new home the friend helping me was all "Just remember to tell the landlord or whoever about it." Then it dawned on us we'd breeched the grownup world, where there is no "landlord or whoever" anymore.

    The realization was only enhanced when he said, "I guess that's you, actually. And wow, you're a bitch-landlady; I wouldn't want to deal with you."

  17. thanks for sharing... we are hoping to be a home owner soon...

    happy TT

  18. I've been a home owner since 1962, and I think you've caught on quickly.

  19. As a homeowner on Maui, I can identify! We keep our handyman well tipped, because he gets calls from us so frequently! :-) Happy TT!

  20. You have a beautiful home. Red paint scares me a little too. My kitchen was red for 6 years.

    I like to talk to my neighbors from time to time, but living near them is quite the drag. I'd like to erect a 20 foot wall in between one pair and us. He's a nuisance.

    I hear ya about the gardening. It's so much work and I almost regret putting in so many pants through the years. I wish they would stay tidy and small. No such luck.

    P.S. I tagged you for Link Love on my blog. Check it out.

  21. plants not pants :) Though I wish my pants would stay tidy and small too!

  22. All so true... that's what it means to own (pay for forever) a home. Love it! Esp. the part where there's always something to buy for the house!

    Michele says hello, and I love your blog design.