Friday, June 01, 2007

Are you a True Romantic?

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Update: Scroll down to find the links to everyone who has entered a post for this romantic contest. There are some really good reads here. I am very impressed with the quality of entries. There is still time to enter, if you'd like to particpate comment before 12:00 PM central time with a link to your post.

I was reading my DH's blog and I was surprised to see he too had written a blog about our upcoming 18th Wedding Anniversary. I was very moved to see he had written a poem. If you are in to poetry stop by and read it!

He tapped a bit deeper into some of the coincidences and oddities of our getting together, some I had forgotten about altogether. I guess we were destined to be together. I'm not even going to try to understand it, but I know it was destiny.

It's funny because after 18 years of marriage their are times I know I've complained 'you aren't romantic enough' or 'when was the last time you wrote me a poem?' I know what a hag hey! I am so blessed to be married to a man who can put his words to paper, write a poem or a song and isn't embarrassed to get on his knees and sing it to me.

I'm in a romantic mood so I thought why not ask all the blogging friends out there what was the most romantic thing anyone ever did for you? Or, are you the romantic? If you have a true romantic side and you have a story to share or a poem I'd love to read it. Don't be shy, I know you all have a good story to share with us. Do you want to be the winner of this cool badge for your site?If so write a romantic post, whether it's something that someone else did for you or if you were the one being the romantic! I love to read a good romance story. Then comment here with the link to your post so I can come by and read it. Make sure to link back to me at the end of your post so others can have a chance to let their romantic side shine for us all. I'll accept entries up until June 1, 2007 at 12:00 p.m. and announce the True Romantic winner by 4:00 p.m. the same day.

The Entrants are:

This Eclectic Life with: Texas Chainsaw Romance

Miscellaneous Matters with: True Romantic

Up the Hill Gang with: Baby Bottle and Romance

Tumbled Words with: My True Romantic moment - and it was him...

One Gal's Musings with: My Romantic post

Boho Rhap with: A Love Story


  1. Our first Christmas where Andrew and I were dating he bought me a Lennox bud vase with a red rose and told me he loved me.

    Most romantic ever.

  2. That is romantic, Tea! I'm feeling pitiful right now (cold bug), but I'll see if I have anything in me. I'll definitely post a link for you, though!


    I've posted a poem I wrote for a client and dedicated the post to my husband with a picture.

    Thanks! Post is up with a link back here.

    Miscellaneous Matters

  4. Oh Tea, that is so tender of your dh! I think it's neat when men can write poems, songs etc...very touching.

    My post is up too!

    oh, Mom badge is gone...I guess I deleted it from my sidebar but I have no idea when I did you still have the code??

  5. Shelly's post caught my eye. Your husband's poem is beautiful! Love stories are the best stories.

    My entry is posted here:

  6. Here goes:

    Warning! I'm a mushball!

  7. Tea, I'm entering, but it isn't a "traditional" romance. It's the Texas Chainsaw Romance!

  8. Thank you for the opportunity to share one of the most amazing times in my life...right now! Sit back and enjoy my submission.

    A Love Story

  9. Here's the cut and paste link::

  10. Saw your comment about your son's night terrors at It Coulda Been Worse.
    My daughter had severe night terrors until we had her allergy tested and discovered that she had food allergies...rice, strawberries, & beef:0
    We changed her diet, and she's been sleepin' like a baby ever since.
    Happy Anniversary!

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