Monday, May 07, 2007

Chinese Freeze Tag - 10 Interesting Facts About Me

Chinese Freeze Tag - 10 Interesting Facts About Me

I've been tagged by Jenny McB to do this tag. I don't know if these are necessarily interesting, but they are all true!

1. When I was 15, I got hit by a car while riding my bike. It was another student from my school who hit me, he was a senior. This was back before bike helmets were worn and I was very lucky as I remember it happening all like I was watching it happen - I could see myself flying in the air and sliding across the pavement on my face. As I lay there on the boulevard all I kept thinking was my back was broken as it hurt so much. I was whisked to the hospital and some onlookers went and got my mom - she came running out and I'll never forget that she was wearing a yellow blouse. Two interesting things are that I never broke a bone and I didn't end up with stitches. I had a cut on my ankle but I sweet talked them into using a butterfly on it and my mom has never worn yellow again!

2. My parents divorced when I was just over a year old. After that my dad lived in another province and I barely saw him. I can count the times I saw him as a child on one hand. We didn't speak for many years and when I was 23 he called me on my birthday - we were reunited but after a couple of years, he once again dropped all contact with me. I had finally given up on the whole thing and then one day at church we had a forgiveness box in the sanctuary and I wrote up a note that explained how I had forgiven him for all that had transpired from my childhood and on. It wasn't too long after that, that he once again contacted me and we've been communicating ever since and he is a big part of my children's lives.

3. My travel experience is quite limited. My DH and I have never gone on a honeymoon, we are planning one for our 20th wedding anniversary which is two years from this month. I have never been to the United States or anywhere outside of Canada. I am really looking forward to doing some traveling when we retire.

4. I am extremely shy - and after the birth of my DS I was getting a bit of agoraphobia, thankfully that passed and my shyness has subsided a bit as well as I've been forced a bit out of my shell in the last 5 years.

5. I can't carry a tune to save my life!!!!

6. I've always wanted to sing or be in a drama production!

7. I found out that I was allergic to penicillin, after having been on it for almost 2 weeks. I ended up being covered from head to toe in huge hives, one was almost the size of a tennis ball. I ended up taking Benadryl and sleeping a whole week.

8. I'm happiest at work when I am letting my creative side out. I love to fiddle with PSP and I still have an old website up where I put up Outlook Express Stationery and I did some card designs for Hardwood Hearts.
9. I was 3 weeks overdue - I should have been born at the end of November, but I held out until December 23. I am glad I didn't go an extra day or two.

10. I love photography and I used to do a lot of it before we got our digital camera. My DH bought me an old Pentax camera and a lot of lenses that he found on Ebay. I've taken some pretty nice shots and I'd really like to hone those skills a lot more. I'm not as good when I use my digital as I find that I have a lot more control of what the shot will turn out like when I have to do everything manually.

I am supposed to tag 10 people, however most people I know have already been tagged. I'm going to tag a few people that I know and some new people that I have met through Link Love.
1. Joy T, I have just met Joy through Link Love and I just love her blog. I think she'd have a great list. 2. Mommy of 3, I'd like to know her a bit better and this would be a great way to do so. 3. Wild Daisies, another new blog I found through Link Love. She has a great blog and I'd like to learn more about her as well. 4. A Farmer's Wife, I've been reading her blog for some time and she has some pretty funny posts. 5. AGK - she's a great writer and photographer, she's shared a lot about herself already, but maybe she can find 10 more things. 6. Amy, she's got a great blog with a contest running. I've been a regular at her blog for some time and I do know quite a bit about her, but maybe she too can think of some new stuff to share. 7. MitchyPoo from Knitting & Losing, I don't know too much about her but I would like to know more. I visit her site every day and I try to participate in her online trivia challenge. 8. Lindsay at My Splatter Painted Life, I am new to reading her blog, I love all her designs. 9. Rona has been popping by for a bit now, it would be great to learn more about her. 10. Crazy Working Mom, I found her through Link Love and I love to pop by and visit her each day.


  1. What a lovely story about you and your dad! Families certainly are a mixed bag of joy and pain. I'm so glad it worked out for you, and your kids, the way it did.

  2. OMG! You were hit by a car- slide on your face- and you were ok??? Someone was watching over you that day! I can't sign either. Luke would put a hand over my mouth as young as 9 months to get me to quit. What does that tell you?? That BAD!

  3. That was a great list, I would never have pegged you as shy from your blogs, isn't that weird?

    On your trip through the states, come on by NH!

    I agree with you about digital cameras, you kind of give something up for the convenience and instant gratification.
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. I'll give it the good ole college try... Digging deep!

  5. TEA! I love getting to know more about you. I'm glad that you reconciled with your dad. That must have been a painful experience as a child. If you come to the US, you have to come to Texas. Mi casa es tu casa. I didn't know you were shy!