Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Happy New Home Anniversary

Well it's hard to believe but it's been one year since we took possession of our first 'Home'! We did a lot of stuff backwards so it took us a bit longer, but hey we're still young!

When we first saw our home online we just knew it would be our place. My DH loved the cedar in the bathrooms and the pine cupboards and wainscotings in the kitchen. Yes the original builder liked loved wood! Good thing too, as it really suits the place. I like our upstairs bathroom as it always makes me feel like I'm in a cottage, a great place to soak in a bubble bath. I should run one tonight to celebrate.

We were nervous asking for a mortgage - banks always scare me! Then there was dealing with the owners. They were great to deal with but initially they wanted way more for a deposit than we were prepared to give. Our money was tied up with our down payment at the bank. Thankfully God saw us through it all and they were happy to accept our down payment. I understand their nervousness too. They had been having a new home built and they really needed to sell theirs. I knew that we wanted it, that wasn't a concern. If the bank would have said no, I would have felt horrible for them. Thankfully that wasn't the case.

We had the house inspected and it turned out a few minor problems and one bigger one. The furnace needed to be replaced, it was the original one and it had a crack in its exchange. Thankfully it also had a worn belt and the inspector told the owner that it could go at anytime. He had 3 young children to worry about so he and my DH quickly made arrangements to pay half to have it installed a few days later. His cousin owns and operates one of our plumbing/heating co's so we got a sweet deal and we now had an energy efficient furnace. The rest of the stuff was minor, such as replacing our underground sprinkler valves as the owner forgot to leave the taps in the on position before winter and they cracked.

We haven't changed the house too much on the inside. Our son's room had to be painted as he was moving into a room that had baby yellow walls and a whimsical sheep border. His request for walls with black. Yeah, ummmm we should probably not speak of that again. By the time we were done we could have probably painted 3 rooms with the amount we used.

Now we are slowly making changes to the backyard. No one who has ever owned the house has planted any trees or plants. Our backyard was just grass and concrete. So far we've planted two trees and today DH is buying 2 lilacs and some Cotton Easter bushes. It's kind of fun that we have a blank slate to deal with rather than someone else's idea of a nice yard as we are able to transform it into whatever we want.

So today when we go home we'll have a nice supper and then take some Holy Water and bless all of the rooms. Thanks be to God, for this has been truly an amazing time and I know it's easy for me to forget what it used to be like living in rental properties and having demanding landlords and white walls. I want to always remember how lucky we are to have the opportunity to have our own little 'piece of the world'.


  1. Congratulations!!! So happy for you.

  2. Always so nice to make a house a home. Loved your addition below of the outdoor fireplace.

    Enjoy the gardening!