Friday, May 25, 2007

Is Society Failing Young Mother's?

In the news recently was a story about a teenage girl who gave birth to a baby alone in her apartment one cold and blustery night. She was attending university and was far from home. She got pregnant and for some reason felt that due to her family circumstances that she couldn't tell anyone. She continued attending school all the while hiding the fact that she was pregnant from all of her peers.

Alone in her apartment she delivered a healthy baby girl. For whatever reasons she felt that she was not capable of keeping the infant nor did she think she could take the infant to an agency such as Birthright. She bundled up the little baby and headed off in her car, driving around until she found a house that had it's lights on in the early morning. She heard a dog barking and knew someone was up - so she quietly walked to the back porch and left her baby on the doorstep and quickly left. She later checked herself in to the hospital and met with Police. No charges were laid in this case as they felt that the young woman wasn't in her right mind when she left the baby.

I know in some larger cities things like this are more common occurrences, but in a small province like Saskatchewan it's quite rare. That's why I was shocked to hear about the latest news story just the other day.

It seems a woman entered a Wal-Mart and headed directly for the bathroom where she gave birth to a healthy 7 - 8 lb. baby boy. What was going on her mind next, we may never know. She gave birth to him in the bathroom stall - he was found some time later in the toilet bowl by another customer. The police are releasing Wal-Mart's surveillance video of the mother entering and leaving the store in hopes that someone will come forward and tell them who the woman is.

There are so many people who would love to have a baby and cannot - people who would love to adopt a little boy or girl. Lot's of agencies that are there to offer advice, counseling and support. I have to wonder what is going wrong, where a woman feels that leaving a baby on a doorstop or even worse in a toilet bowl in a Wal-Mart bathroom!

Is there more we as society could/should be doing in order to stop these kinds of things from happening? Perhaps we need to be more supportive to young mother's? What are your thoughts?

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  1. Ah Saskatchewan. Smacking my head. Right! Anyhow. I read about this and it's always sad. We had a girl here in Edmonton who gave birth and then tossed the baby over the fence into the neighbours yard. She was charged the maximum for killing her child. After this I was listening to a radio talk show and they had a guest speaker from the US who was talking about a system they had. I can't remember the name of it, but it's run out of a hospital. And it's a place where mothers can come and either drop their already born baby off, or have their baby at the hospital....with absolutely no questions asked. He said they had already saved about 500 babies. And I say we need something like that here in Canada.

  2. I have A LOT of thoughts on all this, as you might imagine...too much to say here, or even too much to express in one sitting :D