Friday, May 04, 2007

Link Love

Special K - First of all, I sooooooo love her blog look. She had a great design done by Lindsay at SplatDesigns. It's even inspired me to check out having my place all tricked people say that?(my kids will kill me for saying that). From her logo 'inside this body is a skinny smart woman. chocolate shuts her up" to her hilarious rants and more, it's a great read. I'm hooked. I was reading her Ruffled a few feathers post about Rosie being on the View or as they refer to it 'the screw'. I think she is definitely worth a little blog link love. This post about the boycott is perfect.

While visiting at Special K, I stumbled upon Dana one of her blog friends. I started reading her post I'm a Bad Influence on My Kids....and I immediately connected to her. I don't know if I should say why. Ok, I get a smidge of road upset...or as DH would say she's one crazy woman when she's in the car - and he assures me that is why I can never, never have a gun. Ok, Dana isn't driving when this incident takes place, but it's close enough to how I'd feel in the situation - but she actually has gumption!

Visit PJ at Wild Daisies she's got the cutest kids that look soooooo much like her. She's also got a daughter who is very similar to mine as a baby who she refers to as K-Bop. Not to mention she has pic of Johnny on her site - so I think she must like him. She's got a great style of writing that just drew me on in. This post had me laughing!

Spot of T, naturally I had to check Joy out after she popped by my TT this week. She has a great site and her TT this week had me rolling in laughter. I loved her thankfulness with her encounter with two thoughtless ladies at Michael's. I delved in a bit further and I was thrilled to find her Things I heard in the house this Weekend, it was uproariously funny and I am glad I am not the only one with teenagers who make messes and don't clean it up and never fess up about it. What a treasure of a blog!

Lindsay at My Splattered Life in Paint, she has a great design blog and a new health nutt site as well. She shares her stories of being a mom and currently she's been experiencing some scary Texas style storms of which terrify her, I can definitely relate to that.


  1. Sweet have some great picks! I'm so glad you are doing that this week. I plan to do twice the number next week. Work is so crazy right now (and since Google ads won't pay me anything!!?)I'm having to concentrate on my job. Hope your day is going well!

  2. I thought I left a comment yesterday- oops! Thank you for sending me some Link Love! Glad you enjoyed my blog, Lindsay did a wonderful job! (And in only 3 days! she is fast!)

  3. I had a computer glitch - namely me, myself and I goofed up supreme and I had to re-do the post. Talk about frustrating, sometimes being computer illiterate is no fun at all.

    I can't wait to get my blog all pimped out. I tried to figure out how to do it myself - after only a few attempts I was ready to hit the vino and hand it on to Lindsay!

  4. I checked out a couple of these, I do like special k's site. Maybe if I am motivated tomorrow, I will post a link love.

    Played with my site again, easier than moving furniture.

  5. Link Love, I like it! Thanks for sending some link love my way. Your site is great as well and I'll be back :o)