Tuesday, May 08, 2007

More Contest Fun

*scroll down for my post today - it's all about our pup Oliver and his sore knee! :(

Visit Jules at Everyday Mommy for a great blog template give-a-way!

Also pop over to 5 Minutes for mom - or maybe don't, as I would really like to win the IPod...ok, you twisted my arm you can try to win too! There are other items to win there too, enter your name for each prize you'd like to win.

**Don't Forget to enter for contest ! We are up to 16 so that means I've added one more item to the prize - keep talking about it and spread the word. The more people who enter the better the prize becomes.


  1. I heard at Eclectic Life that you are going to give away something naughty? Naughty like what? You've got my attention now...

  2. Oh, darn (or is that "knit") I've started something now!